Our Easter

I figured it was about time I posted about our Easter, I’m only a week late, right? So either by this point you are sick of reading about Easter celebrations or I missed the Easter posting frenzy and now is the perfect time (I’ll tell myself its the latter).

Easter is Brynlee’s favorite, FAVORITE holiday! She loves every aspect of Easter, well, except maybe meeting the Easter Bunny. She loves good ol’ EB in theory, but when face to face with the giant white bunny, well that’s another story.


Dying eggs though, that’s her jam!


She loves it! And if very particular how she wants to decorate each one.



We kicked off the Easter festivities with dying eggs the Friday evening before Easter. I just picked up a simple dye kit that came with the dying tablets and plastic cups, then I picked up feathers and googly eyes at the dollar store and let her go to town. She also got to dye eggs the next morning at my mom’s house when we celebrated Easter with my family, which was just icing on the Easter cake for her. She has asked to dye eggs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. since…


Unfortunately, Saturday morning up north was pretty windy and cold, but that didn’t stop the girls from finding their eggs.


Which coincidentally is Brynlee’s second (albeit very close to first) favorite thing about Easter.


She is an egg finding master!

While we were at my mom’s we also did the Resurrection Eggs with the girls, and while they were still a little young to fully understand the meaning, they had a lot of fun and its a great tradition to teach them what Easter is really about.


Easter morning we got up and Brynlee quickly found her Easter basket. I’ll be sharing the details of her basket later this week.

I threw this breakfast casserole (AH-mazing!!!) together, while Brynlee was sifting through her Easter Basket treasures.


And while it was baking, we headed outside for egg hunt #2 of the weekend!


Last year I remember practicing with her the night before, so she would know what to do.


This year, no practice was needed.


Which leads to Brynlee’s third favorite thing about Easter, opening the eggs to find the surprises inside.


I am not a fan of putting candy in eggs, I shared this post about what I put in Brynlee’s eggs this year, if you’re interested.

Brynlee genuinely loves finding what’s inside and gets excited over each and every item, no matter what it is.

She of course had her new Fluttershy piggy bank (thank you Grandma!!) sitting right next to her to deposit any money she found in her eggs.


After breakfast, we relaxed a bit while Brynlee played and then got ready and headed to Landon’s Aunt’s house, where his whole family gathers for each holiday. Its so fun so see all of the extended family and Brynlee is at the age where she can really start playing with her cousins and forming friendships that will last a lifetime. I didn’t get too many pics while we were there, guess that’s a sign of a good time, right. But I did manage to snap a few of Brynlee in her Easter top that I made her. I usually make her a dress, but it only ends up getting worn once, maybe twice before she outgrows it and quite frankly, the amount of time I spend making these, I want to get a lot of uses out of them!

And, as you can see, Brynlee was prepared with her basket for egg hunt #3! She pretty much refused to put it down while waiting for it to start.


This is the Violette Field Threads Lola pattern. It is a quick sew, only a couple of hours from start to finish and is absolutely darling! I love the bow in the back!

We tried to get a family pic with the Easter Bunny while we were there, but Brynlee was not having it and would run in the opposite direction whenever she saw him. And yes, a member of Landon’s family dresses up as EB every year for all the kids, its super sweet! Especially considering that they have to put on a big furry costume… in Phoenix… when its 90* out.


Then we headed home, got a car nap out of Brynlee (very rare) on the way home, which gave her just enough energy to finish out her Super Easter weekend playing with her new bubble maching (thank you Easter Bunny) in the backyard.


For it being her favorite holiday, I think this one was pretty spectacular! Now if only I can get her to forget about dying Easter eggs, until next year at least.

I hope all of yours was just as wonderful!


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