We’ve been keeping a little secret…

We are super excited to share our big news!!

Baby #2 is on the way!


I started this blog when Brynlee was a couple of months old and never really shared much about my pregnancy with her or her birth story (which I really need to do). With Brynlee I had severe preeclampsia that ended in an emergency c-section a month before she was due. Fortunately, both of us were perfectly fine once she was out, but let’s just say the experience made us a little more cautious about this pregnancy and deciding when it was time to grow our family.


As a result of the complications with my first pregnancy, my doctors have been super vigilant this go around, I’ve had additional tests (not so fun), extra appointments and have been to see the high risk doctor a couple of times. And while I really hope we don’t run into any issues this pregnancy, I am so glad that they are keeping an extra close watch on me so if something does go awry, it will be caught early on. The good news is so far everything is going great! I’m not retaining water like I did previously and all of my tests and blood pressure results have been good. An added bonus of being so closely monitor is that I get to have a few extra ultrasounds, so we got to find out the baby’s gender early!


We are having a BOY!!!!

We are all so excited!!! I got to find out when I was about 15 weeks along at my first high risk doctor appointment. Unfortunately, I didn’t know I would be getting an ultrasound at that time, so Landon wasn’t there. Instead, I asked the ultrasound tech if she would please write it down and seal it in an envelope so I could wait until Landon got home from work and we could find out together. You guys, this was such a fun way to find out! Yes, it was hard keeping that envelope in my purse for the few hours until Landon got home, but that just added to the anticipation of finding out. And it was such a sweet and special moment to find out with just the three of us in the privacy of our own home as opposed to at the doctor’s office. I made Landon and Brynlee guess what they thought it was, Landon thought girl, but Brynlee guessed right and said boy. She is getting really excited about being a big sister. She asks about baby brother a lot and sometimes tells me about the toys she will share with him and the toys she won’t share (her Paw Patrols). She is going to make the best big sister!


I’m due Christmas Day, but I will most likely have another c-section, so he will probably come about a week early.

In the meantime, we are having a lot of fun preparing for all things boy! We just ordered the nursery furniture over the weekend and I am just dying over the cuteness of all the boy clothes!! The Cat and Jack infant line at Target has me all heart eyes over it. Seriously, I want it all! And I’ve already pinned about a million ideas for nursery decor and I can’t wait to share what we come up with.

So tell me boy mama’s, what can I expect this go around?


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