These are a Few of my Favorite Things- Baby Edition



I am officially over half way through this pregnancy and I can’t believe how much quicker time has gone this time around. It’s a good thing that when we had Brynlee we chose mostly gender neutral items (for the bigger ticket items at least) because I am way behind on baby prep. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite baby items we used for Brynlee that will be on repeat when baby boy joins us in December.

We just ordered this crib for baby boy the other weekend, along with the matching dresser in slate for baby boy. It should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping that once we get it set up in the nursery that will give me the boost I need to get everything else done. We also used this brand for Brynlee’s nursery furniture, it is so sturdy, made of solid wood and has held up remarkable well! We just transitioned it to the full size bed and Brynlee loves it. We are so glad we went this route when we initial purchased Brynlee’s, which is why we are going with the same company again.

I used a Medela breast pump when I had Brynlee and was very happy with it, I plan on getting this one to use for baby boy. I don’t have my old one any more, but fortunately most insurance plans (ours included) cover these now and will ship it to me when it’s closer to my due date.

Oh my, do I love this sound machine. It is a life saver for us with Brynlee, we never leave home with out, seriously, I take it when we travel anywhere! And I’m sure baby boy will appreciate having the white noise to drown out a not so quite toddler while he’s trying to sleep. And please, let us all pray that this one is a sleeper!!!

This is the stroller travel system we used with Brynlee and I loved it! The stroller is really light weight and very easy to open and close and get in and out of my trunk. And the baby carrier is just about as light weight as you can get, the canopy has great coverage and its super easy to get in and out of the car seat base making getting in and out of the car a breeze.

I actually used this diaper bag with Brynlee and have no complaints, it worked great! I actually wrote about how much I loved it here. But for Mother’s Day, Landon surprised me with this Lily Jade bag in brandy, one I’ve been coveting for a while now and my friends, it is a total game changer! Not only does it have like a million pockets, but it converts to a backpack that is really comfortable. This was a feature I was really looking for since I’ll have a newborn and a toddler to wrangle, I didn’t want to have to worry about wrestling a diaper bag too. Hands free is the way to go! Now that I’ve been using it a while, I plan to write a review on it too, hint- I love it!!

MUST HAVE!!! That is basically all I have to say about the Mamaroo! If you haven’t already caught on by now, Brynlee hasn’t ever really been the best of sleepers. In her early days, this saved us!! It was pretty much the only way I ever got a shower once Landon went back to work. The rocking motion would put her to sleep immediately and actually keep her asleep for a while, it was wonderful! And will most definitely be on repeat with baby boy!

This pack n play really is a Jack of all Trades, at least it was for us. I used this next to our bed with Brynlee instead of a bassinet. She slept in the newborn napper at night, we changed her diapers and gave her sponge baths those first few weeks on the changing table and because I had a c-section with Brynlee and wasn’t able to go up or down stairs for the first few weeks, the bottom of the pack n  play acted as a temporary closet/ storage system for anything I needed. We plan to have a similar set up this time too, since once again, I won’t be able to use the stairs for a while.

So, those are my favorites, what are some of yours? I need help figuring out what I might still need! I’m amazed at all of the new things and product changes that have happened in the 3 short years since I was getting ready for Brynlee!

xoxo, Cassidi


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