Dressing the Bump

I think we can all agree that getting ready in the morning when you’re pregnant isn’t always the most fun thing to do. Especially as your clothes get tighter and tighter and eventually don’t fit anymore, it is extremely tempting to live out the remainder of your pregnancy wearing all things stretchy, yoga pants, I’m talking to you! Not to mention being just plain tired ALL. THE. TIME.

However, I notice a considerable difference in the way I feel when I take that extra time to get ready in the morning by doing my hair and make up and putting on something that is both comfortable, but still fashionable. On those days I am happier, I get more done and I swear, I have more energy.

So today I’ve rounded up some pregnancy wardrobe must-haves that are comfortable, affordable and stylish, making the dreaded morning routine just that much easier.



Lets start off with the shoes, I still have a closet full of heels from my pre-Brynlee days, but sadly they sit there, neglected, with a layer of dust, waiting for the day when I can wear them again. Instead, I mostly stick to flats and I love the added interest that the silhouette of these two flats have and the detail of the lace up on faux snakeskin flats, perfection! On the rare occasion I do wear heels, I try to stick to wedges, they are way more comfortable and much easier to stay balanced when chasing after a toddler.

The back of this top is gorgeous and would be perfect for date night. This blue top looks so comfortable and paired with some cute white skinny jeans would be on repeat for errands and preschool pick up/ drop off. And I am a sucker for stripes, this top, paired with a cute scarf would take me all through Fall when the cooler temps start. These tops from Target are by far my favorite maternity tees, they are super comfortable and extra long. I’m amazed by how many maternity tops are so short! And we can’t forget about activewear, because there is no way I’m squeezing into my pre-prego workout clothes at 22 weeks and I love the purple color.

Being that it is still so darn hot here and will continue to be through October, I really try to wear dresses as much as possible and these two will transition great into Fall by just adding tights or leggings, a jacket, scarf and maybe a hat.

Not only are these jeans on sale right now, but I love the fact that they are not elastic all the way around the waist. As comfortable as those may be, I always have a hard time with those staying up, so I think these might be a good compromise. And these leggings are by far my favorite of all time!! They are so comfortable!

And last but certainly not least, pajamas, which I think are forgotten about a lot. I love pajamas and being pregnant and not able to fit into any of mine anymore is not something I enjoy. I love that these are nursing friendly and the robe will be perfect throughout fall and winter. These would even be great in the hospital bag for when I can finally get out of the icky hospital gown.

What are some of your favorite maternity clothes, please share, I’m always looking for more ideas!

Happy Friday!!!

xoxo, Cassidi


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