Brynlee’s Big Girl Bed

If you follow along on Instagram (and you should @blissfullymadeblog), then you are already caught up on the drama that has ensued from transitioning Brynlee out of her crib. If you don’t, here’s how it went:

Brynlee has always loved her crib and has always slept really great in it. She only ever climbed out once and never attempted to again, which is why we left her in it, happy and content, for this long. However, with a baby on the way, we wanted to work on getting her transitioned to a big girl bed so we could use her crib mattress for the baby instead of having to buy a new one. Our plan was to first transition to a toddler bed for around 6 months or so, until baby boy comes in December, then transition again to a full size bed (her crib is a convertible that transitions to all 3). And that is what we did, she was super excited about her toddler bed and we thought we had totally won as parents! She was sleeping great, loved to just sit and play in it and all was great in toddlerland. And then after about a week, everything came crashing down and she refused to sleep in it. We have no idea what happened, she never rolled out of it or had a bad experience that we know of, but it was taking us 2-3 hours to get her to sleep at night, then she would wake sometime between 1-3am and would NOT go back to sleep. Which is not something that was working for any of us, we were all tired and grumpy and it was just awful.

Finally after about a week of this, she admitted that her toddler bed was too small… We’re still not sure how the crib was okay, but the toddler bed was suddenly too small, but great! We finally had an answer to what was wrong and knew how to fix it.



So,we immediately hopped on Amazon (thank goodness for Amazon Prime) and ordered this mattress, which is wonderful by the way. And this foundation, which sadly didn’t fit within our full size bed frame and had to be sent back, so we ended up with this low profile box spring instead and I actually like it a lot better. We love that it keeps the height of the bed low enough for Brynlee to still be able to climb on and off without a step. We also ordered this mattress protector and it is great, you can’t even tell it’s on there.


Having to order a different foundation set us back a couple of days, which meant a few more sleepless nights, but that is all behind us now, so we can happily say it all worked out!


Brynlee loves having a bigger bed and it really seems to have solved our sleeping problems. We have continued out nighttime routine and she always happily goes to sleep right after. The first couple of nights she did wake up once during the night, but went right back to sleep on her own.


She picked out these sheets from the Pillowfort Collection at Target, her white bedding set is also from Target, its Room Essentials and right now through 8/27 you can get an extra 30% off through Target Cartwheel.

I’ve had a few questions about whether or not we use a toddler rail on the open side of her bed and the answer is no. Initially I planned on getting a pool noodle to stick under her fitted sheet, I’ve heard this has worked well for others. But didn’t end up getting one before her first night in it, so instead I stick her two pillow shams on the outside of her bed and tuck them in under her sheet and comforter. She sleeps closest to the wall and we haven’t had any issues with her rolling out.

She sleeps really soundly now and loves her new big girl bed. She likes to take her books and sit and read on it and has actually spent a lot more time actually playing in her room now that she has it, even though she has less floor space now. All in all it has worked out great and we are once again a happy, well rested, household.

xoxo, Cassidi


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