Toddler Style- Picture Day

Brynlee had her first picture day at Preschool yesterday and I was so excited to take her shopping for a new outfit.

We found so many cute options at Crazy 8 and Gymboree, I had to share them here.


Outfit One (Dress, Headband, Shoes) / Outfit Two (Dress, Headband, Shoes)

Outfit Three (Dress, Bow, Shoes) / Outfit Four (Top, Jeans, Flower Bows, Shoes)

Brynlee’s pictures were in front of a smokey blue background so I wanted to find something that would really make her pop. After shopping around and seeing all of the bright pink, I knew that would do the trick. I love how it was paired with blue so it would still match the background and not clash.

So, what outfit did we choose?


Brynlee loves her new dress.


And the perfectly matching bow.


I cannot wait to get the pictures back, as tough as it was sending my baby off to school, I really love moments like these.

xo, Cassidi


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