Made It Monday – Fitted Tablecloth Tutorial

This was a make based purely on necessity and long overdue. We were totally those double income, no kids people when we furnished our house. While we knew we wanted kids eventually, for some reason we really didn’t take that into consideration when we were making our purchases. And so, we proceeded to buy expensive things that we quickly learned are certainly NOT toddler proof.


I’ve actually had this idea mulling around in my head for a while now. I purchased this fabric on a huge discount ($1.50/ yard) from Joann’s when Brynlee was only a few weeks old, knowing it would make a fun tablecloth for us to bake on together. And while I don’t know what took me so long to turn it into one, I’m glad I waited until I thought of making a fitted tablecloth, I hate how much conventional tablecloths shift around with the amount of squirming Brynlee does. This one stays put and I love it!


The corner pockets hug the table nice and tight.


We spent one day last week making cookies to test out this tablecloth.


It performed exactly as imagined, zero shifting, no getting caught under Brynlee’s knees and I never had to worry about Brynlee pulling the tablecloth down and knocking our baking supplies on the ground. Plus, we had plenty of work space.


It was a lot easier for Brynlee to particpate in baking on the table, where she could comfortably sit in a chair, instead of standing on a stool at our tall kitchen island. She would sometimes have trouble reaching something or would wobble a bit and I was always worried about her accidentally stepping off the back or side.


Baking and decorating cookies at the table was a lot more comfortable.


Especially for this pregnant lady, I’ve been getting a lot of back pain when I’m on my feet for too long, so this was a nice alternative.


We still got to do one of our favorite activities together.


And Brynlee really improved on her cookie decorating skills. I’m not sure what was more fun for her, decorating the cookies, or licking her fingers.


When we were done, I simple wiped the tablecloth down with my favorite cleaner and it was good as new! And my wood table was perfectly protected!

Want to make your own?


Oil Cloth – measure your table, mine is 46″x 92″, so I needed about 2.75 yards ( you can get oil cloth here, here or here)

5/8″ Elastic- I used 3 yards for my large table, which was about 1/2 of the total perimeter of my table. You can use more or less depending on how stretchy the elastic you use is.

Cutting mat and rotary cutter

Sewing machine


 This tablecloth has been so great for our family, we love to bake on it, Brynlee can color on it without us worrying about marker on the table and it’s beyond perfect for crafts, especially when glue is involved. This tablecloth cleans up very nicely and I’m not worried about it getting ruined. It only take a couple of hours and is inexpensive to make.

If you make one of your own use #blissfullymadeblog so I can see it too!

Happy Sewing!!

xo, Cassidi


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