Why I’m Envious of Toddler TV

We have been having a lot of fun lately, play dates, baby prepping and a quick weekend trip up north to visit the grandparents have all contributed to that. But I must be paying for it now because I have been super sick ever since we got back. I pretty much have a mix between a head cold and stomach bug and it hasn’t been fun. As a result, Brynlee and I spent the majority of yesterday lounging on the couch, watching a compilation of her favorite shows, while I just tried to be some form of a functioning parent. Grateful for the entertainment they provided Brynlee while I was wondering how I was going to get my long list of to-do’s done in my current state, I got to thinking, I sure wouldn’t mind having a few those imaginary characters around to help me out.


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A few years ago, before I had Brynlee, I remember seeing a friend’s Facebook post musing about how she wished she had her very own Baileywick. At the time, long before I had ever seen an episode of Sofia the First, I had no idea what she was talking about. Fast forward a couple of years and many, many Disney shows later, we were watching Sofia and that post came slamming back into my brain and like whoa and I found myself wondering where I could get a Baileywick as well. While I’ve often had that thought, I really, really wish I had one yesterday, and well all this week really, okay forever… forever would be good.


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Oh Paw Patrol, I could definitely use a few of you talented pups! Let’s just shift your talents a bit. How about Marshall the Mopping Pup, Skye the High Flying Duster, Zuma the Wonderful Washer (laundry and dishes please) Chase is always on the Chore Case (taking care of all the odds and ends), Rubble the Yard Work Pup and Rocky, you can go ahead and stay the Fix It Pup and fix my leaky kitchen faucet and hang all my picture frames too, if you don’t mind. Oh, there all just such good pups, pup treats for all!


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While I certainly wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this in my current state, you get my point…

And these are just a few, I mean come on, those make believe TV show characters, they really have it made! Ah, the life…

Oh wait, then I remember that I wouldn’t trade mine for anything, I truly am blessed.

But here’s hoping I start feeling better soon!

And really, I wouldn’t mind a Baileywick, if someone had an extra *wink, wink*.

xo, Cassidi


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