I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we have been having a lot of fun lately and we really have. We’ve been pretty busy, but its all been so good and I have been loving these fun moments spent with Brynlee.

She is absolutely loving school, right now she is just going 2 days a week, but asks almost every day if she gets to go that day. It is so fun to hear her talk about the friends she has made and what they did in class or the snack they ate that day. She is always super excited to tell us about her day and hearing about it is definitely a highlight of mine. My heart just bursts knowing how happy she is there and I’m so glad to have found the preschool we did.


Speaking of friends, she has two girls in her preschool class this year that were also in her dance class last year. It’s been so nice having a few familiar faces and I’m sure that helped her transition so easily.


Another bonus to her already knowing the girls and me already knowing the moms is that we have been scheduling play dates after school every other week or so. All the kids have loved it, I appreciate the adult time and we plan activities that will keep the kids entertained and tire them out. Brynlee had so much fun bowling, driving the bumper cars and playing on the jungle gym at Flipside the other week.

We had never been there before, but they really do have something for everyone. We might have to consider having one of Brynlee’s birthday parties there in the future.


Another play date we planned was lunch at the Rainforest Cafe followed by the afternoon spent at SeaLife Arizona.


Brynlee loves the aquarium, but we really don’t make it over there that often. That’s what makes this play group so fun, we are expanding our horizons, trying new things and going places that we might not go very often. It’s so much more fun when you have others to do these activities with.


I love seeing Brynlee cultivate her friendships.


We have a few more play dates planned already and we can’t wait to go.


Thanks to this post, we also got to do one of our favorite activities together, baking! I love to bake with Brynlee, but really, we don’t do it as often as either of us would like. As much fun as we have, I don’t exactly love having a plethora of delicious, baked goodness lying around all the time. My pregnant self just has a hard time saying no… I need to work on that, or find some healthier baking options.


Brynlee sure loves sampling our creations!

We also took a quick trip to Nana and Papa’s over the weekend and it was wonderful to escape the heat for a few days! It is cooling down here, a little, but we are still breaking 100* everyday and while we were up north our highs were in the 70’s, it was glorious! Brynlee loved being able to play all day outside and we loved the extra Nana and Papa time. Brynlee did not want to leave when it was time to do home and to be honest, neither did I!


And now we are rounding out our fun with some special cousin time. Brynlee and her cousin, Malorie, are only 6 months apart and they are at an age where they really love playing with each other (it hasn’t always been that way). Brynlee was so excited to have her cousin come over and she was especially excited to show off her new big girl bed (which has still been going great, by the way)!


We finished off our cousin time with a picnic and movie for dinner followed by some popcorn. I don’t think these 3 kiddos could have had more fun!

It gets so hot here in the summer that we really kind of just hide out where ever we can find A/C, so I am so glad we are really pouring on the fun right now! I know that having so many days with my girl are numbered, pre-k starts next year, then its already kindergarten, not to mention we will be welcoming baby #2 at the end of this year. I am really trying to soak up all the time I can with her. These days are so special to me, I am so grateful to be able to stay home with her and continue to build upon the bond we already have. She is becoming such a wonderful little lady and I love her more than words could ever express.


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