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It’s September 1st, which means Fall officially begins this month! So, I am taking that as the okay to start decking my house in all things Fall, pumpkins and everything cozy.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this post highlighting a few of my favorite Fall decor items, but I would be remiss if I didn’t also share the love with a few of my favorite handmade shops.

1.First, I love glass mugs! Second, sweater weather… Yes please!

2. and 3. I love Barn Owl Primitives, the wood signs are just gorgeous and they’ve recently adding a shop of curated home goods, plenty of which I wouldn’t mind adding in my home.

4. I LOVE these pumpkins! I plan to pick at least one or two up at Junk in the Trunk later this month! Follow Olive Wood Designs on IG for restocking info.

5. I have always admired Aidie’s Hideaway’s garlands, they are just beautiful! This is a garland from last year’s line (she hasn’t shared this year’s pumpkins yet), but I just know they will be great. I would buy every single one of her garlands if I could, they are that pretty and the perfect decoration for any season.

6. I love velvet pumpkins and these comes in so many colors!

7. I’m obviously a sucker for garlands and felt ball garlands are so fun! I think this would pair perfectly with an Aidie’s Hideaway garland to dress up a mantle, window or even a stair banister.

8. Only $5 and is an instant download… done and done!

9. This is such a fun countdown calendar for kids! This is for the pattern, so there is quite a bit of DIY work involved, but I’m hoping for have one made by Halloween next year. I know Brynlee would love this!

What are some of your favorite Fall decor items? And small shops that you love?

xo, Cassidi


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