Our Favorite Toddler Apps

It seems like tablets/screen time is such a controversial topic among parents these days, in my opinion, to each is own. You, as the parent, know whats best for your kid/s and family.

For us, we decided to get Brynlee her own tablet over a year ago and it has been a great decision! We do limit her screen time, while at home she rarely gets it, but when we travel or while we are grocery shopping it has truly been a blessing. It keeps her entertained while we are on the road and I no longer have to worry about her grabbing things off the shelves or trying to climb out of the cart while at the grocery store.

Today I’m sharing Brynlee’s favorite apps, some for learning (and they have been great for her development) and some just for fun.


First, the tablet we decided on was the Kindle Fire, the non kids version. We purchased it on Prime Day last year and got a great deal! We also got the 2 year protection plan which replaces it should anything happen. We haven’t had to use it yet, but seeing as how it’s owned by a toddler and has repeatedly been thrown/dropped we feel much more comfortable knowing that it’s there.


We also bought this case and it truly is amazing! As I said above, this thing has been thrown from shopping carts and is still in perfect condition. I really can’t recommend this case enough.

Our favorite learning apps, I can’t take credit for finding all of these. Shortly after we bought the Kindle, Brynlee went on a little shopping spree in the app store. We hadn’t realized that we needed to turn off the one-click purchasing power, I guess we just assumed it would automatically be deactivated unless we turned it on. Wrong assumption!!! $60 later she had multiple apps and a season of Paw Patrol downloaded.


Super Why ABC Adventures– Brynlee plays this one a ton! It’s great for learning the alphabet and tracing the letters. In preschool they’ve been working on tracing their names and Brynlee’s teacher pulled me aside one day to tell me how amazed she was at how well Brynlee was at tracing letters, I think a great deal of that has to do with this game.


22 Learn Preschool Basic Skills– is free! Has lots of puzzles, matching games and memory  games to name a few.


Preschool Basic Skills– Another free one from 22 Learn. Teaches letters, numbers shapes and colors. Also, promotes tracing the letters, shapes and numbers.


Monkey Preschool– This is one of Brynlee’s favorites! Puzzles, colors, matching and you earn stickers as you complete the “games”, Brynlee loves picking out the stickers.


ABC Mouse– Not free, there is a monthly subscription and we actually don’t subscribe to this app anymore. I still mention it because it really is a great learning app. There is a ton of content and actually takes your child through a learning program. The reason we cancelled it was because we thought it was a little advanced for Brynlee. She didn’t use it to its full potential and the previously mentioned apps basically covered all the things she was using it for. We will probably subscribe again when Brynlee is a little older.

And now, just for fun:


Mickey’s Color and Play– Of course Brynlee loves this one! It has a few scenes from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, as well as, Mickey and Minnie that you can “paint” and customize however you choose. You can also take pictures and use that as your “paint” in the picture, which might be Brynlee’s favorite feature. She is now basically a photographer with her Kindle.


Paw Patrol Rescue Run– You pretty much do the same missions as the Paw Patrol does in the episodes, but Brynlee loves it!


Disney Jr.- Watch many of the Disney Jr. shows and play the coordinating games. Brynlee love playing the games. You do need wi-fi for this one.


Netflix Kids– Again, Brynlee can watch all her favorite shows. You also need wi-fi for Netflix, but its amazing how many stores and restaurants now offer free wi-fi and its great when visiting someone who might not have the plethora of toys/kid entertainment that your toddler is used to.

I hope you found these helpful and please share if you have any great app suggestions for toddlers. There are so many out there, it’s hard to wade through what is really good and won’t cost an arm and a leg in in-app purchases (I hate those!).

xo, Cassidi


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