5 on Friday

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful (short) week! I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend after the craziness of last weekend.


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1. We were super busy last weekend and have plans to lay low this weekend. Maybe work on the nursery a bit, spend time together as a family (yay! Daddy’s home!) and most of all relax! I might even sneak a nap or two in. On the menu is a family favorite, Damn Delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken, I have made this dish SO. MANY. TIMES. and it never disappoints! Definitely a healthier version of the take out fav and is so great for leftovers. We are also planning on smoking some ribs, no need to heat up the house if we don’t have to, right? We really like this recipe, they are literally fall off the bone, melt in your mouth delicious!


2. Speaking of the nursery, I am in love with this quilt by Elizabeth Hartman! I’m trying to work up the courage to give this a go, it’s definitely more piecing than I’ve ever done. I’d make all the foxes in the color scheme I have planned for the nursery and I love the adding glasses option.


3. I’d be remiss to not mention pumpkin spice latte season… As I’m sure all your social media feeds have been blowing up with PSL pics this last week. I really do love the pumpkin spice latte and look forward to it every year. Brynlee also got her first Starbucks this week, a chocolate milk that the barista graciously offered to make her when she was feeling a little left out during our coffee order. It made her day and now she is always requesting her own “coffee”.


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4. Also, don’t forget today is National Teddy Bear Day and Build a Bear is offering $5 teddy bears in-store today. We will be going with our moms group and a few of Brynlee’s friends. She’s never been before so I’m really excited to see her reaction to it!

5. Help!!! Brynlee has started waking up early wanting to come downstairs and play. Not super early, but somewhere around 4am-5am and definitely too early for me! I am looking for one of those night lights that you can program to shine a different color when its okay to wake up and when its time to sleep. I think that she just doesn’t realize how early it is and am hoping that this will solve the question about whether its time to wake up or not. So please, give me and and all your recommendations, or if you have any other suggestions to dealing with this.

Have a great weekend!

xo, Cassidi


2 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. Des

    When char was waking up too early we got a cheap plastic clock, took the front off, and colored different time sections in. I think she was around 4 or 5. I’m not sure if Brynlee would understand that. It was a cheap solution. The clocks are cheap at Walmart.


    1. I’ve seen that idea too, I don’t know that Brynlee would get that yet either. I’ve heard from other people that there are night lights you can get that change color, but I’m having a hard time finding one. Most of the clocks that I’ve found with that feature have a bunch of other features that we probably don’t need and are pretty pricey…


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