Build a Bear

If you follow me on Instagram then you know last Friday Brynlee and I took a trip to Build a Bear for National Teddy Bear Day. We had scheduled a play date with a few of Brynlee’s friends to take advantage of their $5 bear offer.

Unfortunately, but the time we got there they were sold out of the bears. I have to admit that while I knew quantities were limited, I was a little disappointed to learn that they sold out in under an hour, we got there less than 2 hours after they opened. I figured that they would have quite a few for the promotion and probably wouldn’t sell out until late afternoon. Oh well, lesson learned, next time we know to get there before they open.

We still had a lot of fun, the staff there were all super friendly and I’d say Brynlee had a pretty perfect first experience at Build a Bear.


I suppose it probably worked out that the $5 bears were gone, Brynlee had a lot of fun searching through the bins for the perfect friend. She initially chose Twilight Sparkle…


But as soon as she saw this black kitty, Twilight was quickly forgotten.


She thought the stuffing process was “so much fun” (her words) and loved being able to step on the pedal to help stuff her kitty.


Before Brynlee inserted the heart, the associate had her do the most darling little dance to help give her kitty well wishes to be a good friend.


I haven’t been to Build a Bear in a long time, so I was really impressed by just how cuddly these little animals were. Brynlee’s kitty is so soft and she loves to hold her, the kitty now sleeps with Brynlee and has been on multiple outings with us. Brynlee definitely loves her new kitty.


One of Brynlee’s favorite parts of the whole experience was giving her kitty a bath. When she stepped on a pedal, air blasted out of the yellow nozzle and she scrubbed her kitty with a little brush at the washing station. She would have stayed there forever, but the store was incredibly busy and there was a line of others waiting to bathe their new friends too.

One thing that surprised me, Brynlee really wasn’t interested in finding an outfit for her kitty. All of her other friends picked out cute dresses or costumes for theirs, but no matter how many I showed Brynlee, she just didn’t care. I finally decided that I was being ridiculous for trying to get her to choose one when she wasn’t interested and instead should just drop it and save the $20+ dollars an outfit probably would have cost me.



She did love the naming and creating a “birth certificate” part of the experience. She eventually settled on naming her kitty Sparkly, her black fur is super shiny when light hits it which does indeed make her look a little sparkly.


Brynlee was so happy to carry her new friend out in the little house they provide. And bonus points to Build a Bear for creating a box house that is super fun to color afterwards.


It took us about an hour and a half to get through Build a Bear and by then we were all starving. We decided to take the kids over to Panera for lunch, then end the day on a high note with some Gelato from Frost. Brynlee got the bubble gum and I got the dark chocolate and OMG it was so good!!! I also tried the hazelnut and will probably get that next time!

We had such a fun day with Brynlee’s friends and I loved having some adult time with the other moms. Brynlee kept talking about it all weekend long and couldn’t wait until Daddy got home on Friday to show him Sparkly and tell him all about our day. I love days like this with Brynlee, they are so special and I will always cherish these memories.


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