DIY Grocery Bag Holder

This is one of those projects that I’ve wanted to make FOREVER and just kept getting put on the back burner until I could take it no more! I recently did an overhaul on my pantry and organized everything! I purchased some plastic baskets from the dollar store to help sort like things and this has really helped in keeping the pantry organized. It’s been about 3 months and things are still looking great!

Except in the grocery bag department… I usually use reusable bags anytime I go grocery shopping, but on the off chance I forget them or if I make an unplanned Target trip (which probably happens far too often), we end up with a collection of the plastic kind.

Previously I tried storing them in a basket on the ground, under a shelf, but it really didn’t do a very good job of keeping them corralled and they would often spill out onto the floor adding to the disorganized state my pantry was in. Once the pantry was organized, a grocery bag holder rose to the top of my to-do list. It’s super simple and can be completed in under an hour.

I picked up some home decor weight fabric from Joann’s, from it I cut:

1- 2″x 4 1/2″ rectangle (for the loop)


1- 20″x 24″ rectangle (for the main bag)

Also needed:

5/8″ elastic- Cut 7″


Starting with your loop, iron your rectangle, wrong sides together, in half lengthwise. Open the fold, then iron each edge in to meet at the previous crease. Fold it all back up, press and stitch along the opening as close to the edge as you can. Set aside.


Taking your main piece, fold in half right sides together lengthwise.


Stitch along the long side using a 1/4″ seam allowance, forming a tube.


On one open end, fold over 1/2″ and press, then fold over 1/2″ again and press.


Open one fold, take your loop fabric, fold it over creating a loop and baste stitch across.


Just sew along your loop, I attached it right at the seam so that when I hung it, the seam would be hidden in back.


Fold your hem back over, hiding the raw edge, flip the loop up and sew around the perimeter of the bag.


For the bottom, fold over 1/2″ press, the fold over 1″ and press.


Create a casing by sewing around the perimeter of the bag about an 1/8″ away from the bottom. Leave a 2-3″ opening to insert your elastic.


Insert a safety pin on one end of your elastic and start threading it through your casing.


I like the pin the free end of elastic so it can’t slip through while I’m threading.


Sew both ends together.


Then sew your casing closed.


Put your little helper to work stuffing the bag.


Hang it up and you’re done!


I used a command hook to hang mine and it’s worked wonderfully.

Hope this helps your pantry/ kitchen organization too!

Happy Sewing!

xo, Cassidi


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