White after Labor Day???

I dropped Brynlee off at Preschool the other day and while I was there, her teacher complimented the teachers aid on how great she looked that day. The first thing she said was “thank you, I know I’m wearing white (pants) after Labor Day, is that even a thing anymore that I shouldn’t?”

I’m not really sure where the whole no white after Labor Day thing came from, but personally, I love wearing white and really don’t care what time of the year it is. I mean, winter white is a thing too, right?

So today, I put together a few Fall outfits that incorporate white into them. You might be thinking I’m crazy for loving to wear white when I have a toddler with sticky hands who loves messes, but I beg to differ. Thanks to bleach, white is super easy to clean, much easier that something full of color!


hat / scarf / top (maternity) / pants  (maternity)/ booties 

Keeping it casual with outfit 1, I love pairing chambray and white! Adding in the hat and a blanket scarf and this would be great for a coffee date/lunch with friends, preschool drop off or just getting together with fellow moms during a kid play date.


necklace / sweater sweater / jeans / shoes

A dressier option for outfit 2, perfect for date night or a low key holiday party. I paired this with flats (because flats are basically my life now, hello always on the go toddler) but this could easily be taken up a notch with a pair of nude heels.


vest / top / jeans / boot socks / boots

Another casual choice for outfit 3, great for preschool drop off, but I also love this one for a trip to the zoo or any other activity that might keep you outside for an extended period of time when its chilly. The vest would keep you nice and cozy and I love a good boot paired with boot socks!


hat / scarf / coat / circle earrings /  bar earrings

I also put together a few  white accessories or ones that pair well with white. I love white and gold together and am pretty sure those gold bar earring will find their way onto my Christmas list. I love a white coat, I have one from a few years ago and always get so many compliments when I wear it. I love the bell shape on the bottom of this one, so feminine.

So, what is your take on the whole white after Labor Day thing, yay or nay?

xo, Cassidi



4 thoughts on “White after Labor Day???

  1. Des

    Growing up in new az we are so laid back about this kind of stuff. We have a teacher from back east who will not wear white after Labor Day. But you can wear “winter white”. Apparently that’s a thing. 🙂


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