Play Date and Mom Groups

When we first made the decision for me to quit my job to stay home with Brynlee, one of the biggest pieces of advice I received was to find a mom group. At the time I really didn’t think much of it. I had a few close friends who were stay at home moms and figured that was good enough.

But guys, being a stay at home mom can be really lonely! And even though I did have those close friends who I got together with sometimes, our kids were all different ages, which meant that in order to spend time together we had to coordinate nap, school and other activities (like dance, gymnastics and sports) schedules. Not an easy thing to do…

Then, last year when I enrolled Brynlee in dance I got to know the most amazing set of women who I am now so grateful to call friends. The best part, all of our kids are the same age and became friends while in dance so when we all get together the kids have fun and so do we.

And it is so good for my mama soul!


We now try to get together at least once a week, we’ve had play dates at houses, been to the aquarium, arcades, taken the kids out for ice cream, are planning to visit the Children’s Museum next week and have some Zoo trips planned once the weather is cool enough for us to spend most of the day outside. We even have plans to start a soccer team with all of kids at the beginning of the year.


Having some adult time with friends throughout the week is instrumental in my happiness and overall well being as a mama. It’s so easy to get lost in all things kids, there are so many activities we are constantly preparing for or chauffeuring them to. When I get this time, I’m a better mama, wife and friend. I feel more motivated to get stuff done around the house, on the blog and it really helps get my creative juices flowing.


Some other benefits of finding a group with children the same age is that you are usually going through similar phases in parenthood and its a great support system. This group of ladies helped me find Brynlee’s preschool (which we love and couldn’t be happier with) and 2 of her girlfriends from our play group are also in her class, which made the transition to school really smooth for her.


Even if you are not a stay at home mom, I would still recommend finding a moms group, there are lots of them on Facebook. Its fun for you and your child and the best part is that when you leave, your cup is full and your child is usually ready for a nap! And those are rare these days so I will take them when I can get them!

Today we are having a baking party with our kids after school, we are making cake pops and Brynlee is really looking forward to it!

What are some of your favorite toddler activities?

xo, Cassidi


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