Toddler Fun- Phoenix Children’s Museum


Yesterday we had a play date scheduled at The Phoenix Children’s Museum, it was mine and Brynlee’s first time going and I left thinking only, why on earth have we waited so long to go!!! It was amazing and so much fun for the kids. We were there for most of the day and still didn’t manage to visit the many attractions offered.


When you first walk in there is a huge climbing area, with spots for younger children, an area of building blocks and plenty of seating for parents (thank you Children’s Museum). Brynlee would have happily stayed here all day running through every square inch of this structure. Let me tell you, this child is fearless!!! This mama was having heart palpitations seeing just how high she was climbing. One thing that I especially appreciated was that there were Phoenix Children Museum employees located throughout every level of this structure making sure that all the kids were okay and everyone was happy. It made me feel so much more comfortable while on the ground knowing they were up there.


Next to the structure they had these tubes set up going every which way with air blowing through them. There were a couple of doors in different sections of the tubes that you could push the scarves through then watch them fly all through the tubes and eventually fly out back to you. The kids had a blast catching them and putting them back in.


On another level they had a market area, where the kids could “shop” for groceries with shopping carts and baskets, then ring them up at the cash register and head over to the play kitchen area and make their own “food”. They also had this fun ice cream stand where the kids loved to make us all ice cream cones.


And they also had a hot dog stand. Brynlee loved putting the hot dogs together and passing them out to everyone, whether she knew them or not. It was really cute when other kids started coming up to her and placing their orders, she thought it was the greatest!


A maze of pool noodles!


One of my favorite areas was the art room. Kids could go in and craft, there were plenty of tables and supplies set out everywhere for them. It was wonderful and Brynlee loved it!


They could also put on painting smocks and add their flare to a giant robot!


Who knows how many layers of paint is on this thing, but I thought it was pretty amazing.


And how beautiful is this chandelier!!! It’s made entirely of book pages and plastic water bottles!


There were fun little stations located everywhere to encourage creativity and get the mind thinking.


This little “car wash” with bikes for the kids to ride was a huge hit! I could barely get Brynlee away and that was only after I bribed her with food, it was lunch time and she had apparently worked up quite the appetite.


We ended our time there back at the play structure.


Where the only way we managed to get them out of it was when one employee (bless her) broke out the bubbles for them to all chase.

We had so much fun and will definitely be going back soon! Groupon has a BOGO right now where you can get 2 tickets for the price of one ($11), so I’ve purchased another one for next month too.

*On a side note, I’ve been told we were pretty lucky to go on a day when it wasn’t very busy and there were no field trips scheduled, I guess it can get pretty crazy. They do have a calendar on their website that shows when schools will be there, so we will definitely be checking that before we schedule our next trip.

xo, Cassidi


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    1. Thank you so much for reading Belle! Play dates are the best, we usually try to schedule them at least once a week! I will check out your blog, the blogging community is wonderful and I love meeting new friends (even if it is only online 😉 )!

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