Made It Monday- Halloween Countdown Chain

Oh, hello October, I have missed you!

Landon was out of town all last week for work. Fortunately, that isn’t a common occurrence, but when does happen, it throws a certain toddler off of her routine and as a result we usually have some pretty grumpy days and it just gets worse the longer Daddy is away. By Friday (the day he was coming home) her threenager behavior was in full swing and we had more tantrums by 9am than we usually do all week. An intervention was a must…

Enter the craft supplies!

Brynlee loves crafting and it really helps to get her in a happy mood when she can focus on something she enjoys.

Since October 1st was the next day, we decided to make a Halloween countdown chain, 1) because I had all the craft supplies on hand and 2) because ever since we decorated for Halloween (which I’ll admit was a bit early this year) she has been asking if Halloween is today pretty much every day. I thought this would be a great way to show her when Halloween will get here.


I started by raiding my scrapbook paper to find anything that was orange, green and/or purple. I thought this would be a great opportunity for Brynlee to practice her cutting skills, so on the back of one of the papers I drew lines for her to cut along. This lasted for all of about two lines, but at least it got her practicing and I was really proud of how well she did.


I had also grabbed some black construction paper from our stash and cut out a bunch of bats to embellish our chain with. I just free handed the bats by cutting the paper in half, then taking one of the pieces and folding it in half. On the fold, I then cut out one half of the bat (so basically half the body and one wing) so that each side would be the same. It’s really easy and fun to see the different shapes of bats you make. Then Brynlee glued googly eyes to the bats.


Brynlee helped me piece together the chain using these glue dots, seriously the best thing ever for toddler crafts. There is zero mess, no drying time and they hold really well!

Once all 31 pieces were chained together we went through one by one to embellish each ring.


We used the Zots again to attached the bats to the chain.


Then Brynlee decided she wanted to draw a kitty with googly eyes on each ring as well.


This was not a short craft by any means, it probably took us about 2.5 hours from start to finish. I let Brynlee do most of the work and make all of the choices from the order of paper rings to where the bats would go and attaching all the googly eyes herself. I really love how it turned out and we had a lot of fun making it! Throughout the whole process, Brynlee kept excitedly saying “I’m having super really a lot of fun!!” (which is a win in my book). And I know she is going to have fun each day tearing off a ring of the chain, counting us down to Halloween and more importantly, trick or treating!

Happy Crafting!

xo, Cassidi


3 thoughts on “Made It Monday- Halloween Countdown Chain

  1. Very cute! This looks like a great project for my threenager and I to do together, he always wants to do some crafts too when he sees his mom going at it. Thanks for the really cute idea!


    1. Thank you!!! It’s a great craft to do with little ones! My daughter is also three and had a lot of fun!! She’s having even more fun now, pulling a ring off each day!! I hope you have fun making one with your son! Happy Halloween!! ๐ŸŽƒ xo, Cassidi

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