Halloween Costume 2016

As you know, we have breached the month of October which means, along with pumpkin everything, it’s time to start planning/making Brynlee’s Halloween costume.

I love making her Halloween costume each year. Previously, I have always picked her costume, but tried to stay true to her personality. In 2013 I made her a Bumble Bee costume because I called her my Brynlee Bee. In 2014 I chose Minnie Mouse because of her obsession with all things Mickey and Minnie Mouse. And in 2015 I decided  a Kitty would be perfect for her because she loves cats. I was assured this year that I have chosen correctly in the past when I asked her what she wanted to be and first she said Minnie, second she said a Kitty. When I told her she has already been those, she started thinking more about it and finally decided that this year she wanted to be Rainbow Dash, which really is no surprise considering the theme she chose for her 3rd Birthday.


Just as I did last year with her Kitty costume, I decided to use Violette Field Threads Haven Romper, made from blue sparkly satin, as the main body for Rainbow Dash. I love the Wife Made Butterfly Wings (and have the patterns for both the original and the Lacewing add-on), I think they will be perfect for Rainbow Dash’s wings. And lastly, for her rainbow mane and tail, tulle in all the colors.

This is definitely one of those projects that is either going to turn out exactly they way I have it in my head (fingers crossed) or it is totally going to bomb and I’ll be running out in the eleventh hour searching for a Rainbow Dash costume…

Wish me luck!

xo, Cassidi


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