Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends, I hope you all have had a good week! We are so looking forward to the weekend and having Daddy home for a couple of days!


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1. We  are heading up north for some cooler weather and a trip to the Mortimer Farm Pumpkin Festival this weekend! We’ll be going to one down here for a field trip with Brynlee’s school too, but we prefer Mortimer Farm to any we’ve been to here in the Valley. For one, we know that family that owns it and two, it is still pretty hot here and spending all day outside in the heat, especially when very pregnant, is not my idea of a good time.


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2. Do you all love Chip and Joanna as much as I do? I’m obsessed with their show Fixer Upper, I can’t wait for the new season to start and watch their reruns all the time! I definitely draw inspiration for Jojo’s amazing style when looking for things for my home. Well, this week The Magnolia Journal released it’s premiere issue! I didn’t go out on day one to get it, I was super exhausted and was kind of having a lazy day, but I went to get it on day two and guess what, I couldn’t find it!!! I went to 4 different stores and called 3 Barnes and Nobles and none of them had it! I was really starting to freak out that I had missed my chance, my IG feed was full of people with theirs and I just couldn’t believe that they had completely sold out on day one! Well, finally, on my last call to Barnes and Noble I got someone who was super helpful and friendly and she told me that they hadn’t received their shipment yet and are expected to this weekend. I don’t know if they just took longer to get to AZ or what, but I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance and am really hoping to snag one today or tomorrow! Have any of you got yours yet? If so, I’m jealous! 😉


3. Because of my complications when I was pregnant with Brynlee, I will be having another c-section for Baby Boy. We just got it scheduled last week and suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks that he will be here before we know it and I really want to have his nursery done before he gets here! I can’t imagine I’ll have the energy to work on it once he is here, I’m still a little curious to see how I’ll do everything I need to, while dealing with the sleepless nights of having a newborn and still needing to take care of my very energetic toddler each day. Any mama advice for me, let me know! So this weekend we started working on some shelving for the nursery, I really wanted some hexagon shelves and so my sweet husband is making all my hexy dreams come true and building them for me!

4. It has been Fall Break here the last two weeks and boy are we missing school… and play dates! Brynlee asks multiple times a day when she will see her teacher and her friends again. I totally failed this break and didn’t have anything scheduled, most of her friends family’s went on vacation which is why we haven’t had any play dates either. I have learned my lesson, next time we will have a list of things to do or plans to go out of town too! In the meantime we are hanging tight and trying to make it through to next week!

5. I shared Brynlee’s Halloween costume plans here and I want to know, what are your costume plans? I think I’m going to be really original and just buy a black witches hat to wear with a black dress or something simple, maybe next year I’ll plan ahead for myself too 😉

Have a happy weekend!

xo, Cassidi




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