Pumpkin Patch (Round 1)


Over the weekend we headed up north to find some cooler weather and spend some time with our family at the Mortimer Farm Pumpkin Festival. And while the weather was still warmer than I would have liked (thank you 3rd trimester), it was definitely cooler than it would have been here and we had so much fun!


We go to Mortimer Farm every year for the pumpkin festival, one- to spend time with family, two-the weather is cooler and three- because they have so many fun things for kids! Brynlee was a little unsure of these tire horses at first, but as soon as they started going around she loved them!


The corn pit is always a favorite of hers.


This was a new one for her.


Brynlee dragged her Daddy up this hill about a million times so she could go down the huge tunnel slide!


I was really proud of how brave she was to go down it by herself.


A tractor tire pit proved to be the perfect climbing ground for toddlers.


And perhaps the days winner, gem mining! This was such a fun activity to do with Brynlee! She loved pulling out all of the colorful, shiny rocks while sifting away the sand and dirt.


She was so proud of her little bag of rocks when she was done and has played with them continuously since returning home. Future rock collector? I think so!


The sand birds are always a huge hit, Brynlee loves picking out the different colors to fill hers with. She picked out a pink bird this year to go with her purple bird from last year (her two favorite colors). Her cousin picked a Winnie the Pooh, can you tell they were both so proud of their creations!


Brynlee’s Outfit

One thing that I really appreciated this year was that Mortimer Farms set up a barn with multiple vignettes sets up for pictures! It was wonderful because it was out of the sun, the set ups were super cute and even though it was fairly busy, there were probably 10-12 vignettes so it was pretty easy to snap a photo. The downside was that this was about the time Brynlee was starting to get tired and hungry…


We did manage to get one cute family photo of us all smiling and looking at the camera, very rare! So I am happy and Brynlee had a great time and was completely exhausted by the time we left, which meant a great car nap (also very rare) on the 2 hour drive home.

All in all, a great day spent with our loved ones!

We head to another pumpkin patch tomorrow with Brynlee’s school, so our Fall activities aren’t finished yet! We sure are loving this beautiful weather, Fall baking and all things pumpkin! I love this time of year!

xo, Cassidi


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