Rainbow Dash Halloween Costume


I had so much fun making Brynlee’s costume this year. I procrastinated until the last minute because I was pretty nervous about it turning out right, those wings scared me a little.

For her costume I used sparkly blue satin from Joann’s and for her mane and tail I used a rainbow of colored tulle that I cut into stips with my rotary cutter and mat then sewed them together. It was really easy and made her mane and tail super full. For the mane, I covered a headband in the blue satin, drew out an ear pattern, sewed it together and hot glued them to the headband on either side of her mane, also hot glued on. For the main body of her costume I used Violette Field Threads Haven pattern, then modified and attached this wing pattern to the back straps. And for her cutie mark, I purchased this PES filed and used my Brother embroidery machine to make it in the 3″ size.

Brynlee was so excited to wear her costume and I was glad we had so many events for her to wear it to, considering the amount of work I put into it. She loved the wings and her cutie marks the most, she would stop and show everyone who would pay attention to her her cutie marks. It was really cute!

So, what is your preference? Do you make your own costumes or do you prefer to buy them?

xo, Cassidi


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