Pumpkin Patch Round 2

Happy Election Day Friends! No matter where you stand on this election, I hope you get out and exercise your right to vote!


Before we got too far away from October, I wanted to pop in and share our 2nd Pumpkin Patch experience of the year at Vertuccio Farms. We visited Vertuccio last year as well and while we had fun, we made a few mistakes, like going too late in the day (it was scorching hot) and we went on a Saturday close to Halloween so it was super busy. Not only did we not stay very long, but we weren’t able to do very much because there were so many people there.


This year we went with Brynlee’s preschool class on a field trip and we had so much fun!

Gill and His Uncle

image via

First off, you must stop at Gill’s Grounds, a little coffee truck/shop just outside of the farm for the best coffee ever! I had a pumpkin spice latte and it was heaven! It’s not super close to us, but I would consider making the drive over there on the weekend just to experience their coffee again! Seriously, if you are every in the area, you must stop! And yes, they have a drive thru, you’re welcome!


Fortunately for us, there was only our school and one other there that day, it almost felt like we had the whole farm to ourselves!


We spent most of the day at this slide…


Or these duck races!


But Brynlee had a lot of fun at the other attractions too! She loved seeing all the farm animals and wore herself out climbing all over these giant tractor tires.


Her day was made when she was able to “zip line like Chase” from Paw Patrol.


And she even got to pick a pumpkin from the patch before we left.


Since we were there on a field trip, Vertuccio Farms provided a shaded pavilion with picnic tables for us to take a break at, as well as a snack and drinks. Thank you Vertuccio Farms! We had a wonderful time this year and will definitely be coming back next year!


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