Men’s Holiday Gift Guide


Bose Bluetooth Speakers / Amazon Fire Stick / Watch / Waterproof Phone Case (under $10)

Ninja Coffee Bar (on sale!) / Slippers / Every Man Jack Body Gift Set

Every Man Jack Shave Kit

I love giving gifts! And I spend a lot of time contemplating the perfect gift for each recipient, nothing brings me more joy than finding that perfect gift and seeing the surprise and excitement of my giftee when they open it! And so, with Christmas fast approaching and the holiday shopping frenzy in full swing, I thought I’d share some gift ideas in hopes that it might help a few of you out too.

Bose Bluetooth Speakers– Small, portable, with great sound that also lets you take phone calls and can hold a charge for up to 10 hours!

Amazon Fire Stick– We have these on all of our TV’s and love it! If you are a Prime Member, or gifting to a Prime Member, this is a must! We love finding TV shows on Amazon Video (like this one) and there is a ton of content for kids! I also love being able to play Amazon Music from it, but you can also access other apps like Netflix and HBO Go.

Watch– Always a great idea and these are stylish and extremely affordable.

Waterproof Phone Case– I own one of these, gifted one to my husband before a fly fishing trip and have gifted numerous more to family members! At under $10 this is the perfect gift/ stocking stuffer. It protects your phone, still allows you to talk and take pictures and  has enough space for your ID and a credit card. Perfect for pool days, lake trips or for any outdoorsy person in your life! Gift it with a gift card tucked inside and I’m sure anyone on your gift list will love it!

Ninja Coffee Bar– Truth be told, this is on my wish list too! I put in on my Men’s Holiday Gift Guide because it was my husband who initially said he wanted a programmable coffee maker (we currently just use a French Press), but once I found this one it was love at first sight! You can program it to have your coffee ready to go when you wake up on those early weekday mornings, you can brew iced coffee, lattes and even do single serve. It even comes with a milk frother, seriously, pinch me!

Slippers– A nice, comfortable pair of slippers with good, hard soles. Perfect for taking out the trash, grabbing the newspaper early in the morning or running out to unplug all those Christmas lights.

Every Man Jack Gift Set and Shave Kit – I gifted this to my husband a few Christmases ago and he’s been hooked on this brand ever since! The scents are all masculine and amazing and he especially loves the shave cream.

Now tell me, what are some of the gifts you are giving this year?

xo, Cassidi


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