Holiday Gift Guide for Kids


Wife Made Wings (for a handmade holiday gift) / Doc McStuffins Lego Duplo

Lego Creator Log Cabin / Lite Brite / MagnaTiles / Hape Alphabet Puzzle

Mini Trampoline / Maileg Mouse / Paw Patrol

Kid Kraft Kitchen Set / Radio Flyer Wagon

I’m back today with another holiday gift guide, this time for all those kiddos in your life. I love buying for kids, there are so many fun toys out there and kids are always so excited to receive presents.

Wife Made Wings – If you are feeling crafty and want a cute handmade gift, it doesn’t get more perfect than this! What little girl wouldn’t love her very own, one of a kind set of butterfly wings. You can also get a pattern add-on with a different wing shape and corresponding doll size here. These are a quick sew that can be done in an afternoon and are absolutely stunning!

Legos- Brynlee just received this Doc McStuffins Duplo set at a holiday party kids gift exchange and has had so much fun playing with it ever since. She especially loves that it came with a dog and a cat. And we bought this log cabin set for our 6 year old Nephew, who loves to hunt  and fish. I love all the little details in this set and know he is going to have so much fun. You can never go wrong with legos!

Lite Brite– One of Brynlee’s friends in our mom’s group has a Lite Brite and all the kids have so much fun playing with it! Bonus points that it’s nostalgic for me, I can remember getting one for Christmas when I was little and had so much fun with it.

MagnaTiles– My mother in law just bought a couple sets of these for her house before Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit for all the grand kids, ages ranging from almost 2-6. They can make some amazing structures with these and are super easy to build with.

Hape Alphabet Puzzle– We actually bought this for Brynlee when she was 18 months old and it really helped her to learn her alphabet and colors! Her preschool teacher has been amazed that she already knows all her letters and I attribute it to the hundreds, if not thousands, of times we did this puzzle together. Now days she doesn’t need my help with it, but she still enjoys playing with it and then singing her ABC’s after it’s done.

Mini Trampoline– I have it on pretty good authority that Santa will be dropping one of these at our house this year. It’s the perfect size if you don’t have a huge back yard, we plan on keeping it on our patio. And it’s a great energy burner! I’m excited to have something in our backyard that Brynlee can do to burn energy while I have a newborn to take care of. Is it being too hopeful to want my 3 year old to take naps again?

Maileg– The world of Maileg just might be the cutest ever! I love all of their mice, bunnies, cats and dogs and with all of those accessories, I just die. Brynlee loves playing with little animals much more than she does dolls, so she will be finding a few of these under the tree this year. I also picked up these (on sale!!!) to hang on her wall for them to live in. I don’t know who will have more fun with these, me or her!

Paw Patrol– basically the only thing that matters in life right now for Brynlee. We actually got her the Lookout and Paw Patroller for her birthday this year and they have provided hours and hours of entertainment, more so than any other toy she owns. When we visited Santa this year, all she asked for was the Air Patroller and Air Pups. If I ever need a set amount of time to get something done, out comes the Paw Patrol!

Kid Kraft Kitchen Set– Of course a play kitchen is always a great idea of any child, so much imaginative play can come out of one, this little set has the perfect accessories and at a great price point, less that $30!

Radio Flyer Wagon– The gift that keeps on giving! We love this thing!!! We take it on walks, to the park, have decorated it for parades, to the pumpkin patch. We use it for everything. I would highly recommend getting the one with a shade and now that we are adding to the family, I’m sure we’ll be getting even more use out of it! Brynlee loves riding in it and it makes outdoor activities that involve a lot of walking so much more enjoyable for us!

Zoo/ Aquarium Membership- While having presents to open Christmas morning is fun, I think we can all agree that making memories is even better. Gifting a membership to the Zoo or Aquarium is something that kids can enjoy year round and can be a great learning experience. We’ve had a Phoenix Zoo membership for 2 years now (and plan to renew) and have loved going. Having a membership means we never have to worry about not getting our money worth on a one day tickets, if we only end staying for an hour or two I don’t worry about it. And trust me, we go so often when the weather is nice we definitely get our money worth out of the membership. This would be a great idea for a Grandparent to gift, I’m sure the parent’s would appreciate it too!

Subscription Box- There are so many fun subscription boxes for kids available to peak every interest. You can order the subscription, wrap the first box for them to open on Christmas, then they will receive a new box each month, how exciting is that!

Happy Shopping!

xo, Cassidi


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