Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Kids

I have always loved Valentine’s Day, my parents always made it super special for me growing up and I want to do the same for my kids. My Dad would always “kick” our Valentine’s Day gifts (which was essentially door bell ditching them on our doorstep) and I loved it! I looked forward to it every year and will always remember the excitement I felt when I heard a kick on the door.

Today I’m bringing you a gift guide sure to make any child’s Valentine’s Day!


Books– I love adding to my kid’s library and take any opportunity to do so. I especially love getting them books about holidays or other activities we do so when we read them they can get excited knowing they will get to do that too.

Coloring Book– Another great themed gift idea that provides lots of entertainment.

Stickers– show me a kid who doesn’t love stickers, Brynlee loves decorating page after page of stickers in her coloring books. They provide endless entertainment and these Paw Patrol ones are perfect for my Paw Patrol loving girl.

Baking Supplies- What better time to make sweet treats with your little sweeties that Valentine’s Day? Get them in on the action by making them a Valentine’s themed baking kit with cookie cutters, an apron, Valentine’s sprinkle and baking cups.

Surprise Packs– Brynlee loves opening surprise packs, her current favorite is Shopkins, but they come in so many different themes so you can taylor them to your child’s interest.

Crafts– We love crafting and these little craft kits make is so fun and easy.

Small Toys- toy cars, little figurines or these puzzle balls make the perfect addition to a gift for any kid.

Jewelry– This bubblegum necklace is so adorable and would be perfect for any little girl to wear on Valentine’s Day.

xo, Cassidi


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