The Story of a House…

Do you ever have those plans that you talk about frequently but never really act on? That was us when deciding to sell our first house and move on. When we bought it one year after we married we had a 5 year plan. We had purchased a bare bones foreclosure during the downturn of the Market with plans on making some updates and selling it in 5 years, it was the perfect starter home. But then, 3 years later, we had Brynlee and shortly thereafter made the decision that the best thing for our family would be for me to stay home with her, taking our comfortable double income life to a very tight single income budget, putting any plans of moving on hold indefinitely.

5751786_2_6 (1)

Fast forward a couple of years and we were in a place that we could start talking about finding our next home and started dreaming up everything we wanted, a pool, 3 car garage and RV gate all made the non-negotiable list and a single story was a very strong wish list item. We started browsing sites like Zillow, realizing our wish list was not exactly easy to find and spent months of on again off again “window shopping”.


*I really miss that backyard, it was all dirt, with weeds as tall as me when we moved in. We loved that backyard and have so many great memories there. I also really miss our garden, we were getting so many tomatoes before we left and it was so sad to leave it. 

Not long after, we welcomed sweet Lincoln and decided to take our search to the new home market. After walking through multiple model homes (seriously so fun!), we picked one we liked and sat down with a design consultant ready to plan our dream home…

What we got was a very rude awakening to just how expensive building a new home in a subdivision can be. I was shocked at what simple add ons cost and how few options they gave you. Did I mention Lincoln was only 2 months old at this time? Needless to say, we quickly decided that maybe now wasn’t the best time to make the big move and I wasn’t about to attempt a double move with a newborn at home.

Fast forward one year, we were driving up North for my family’s Easter celebration and once again the topic of a move came up. This time we decided we would just meet with a realtor to see what our options were and what we would need to do to get our house in “selling condition”.


Well, if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that we finally made the big decision and moved into our new house at the end of May. It all happened so fast! After our initial meeting we made a plan to list the following month, but due to some business travelling scheduled for Landon we had to push it up to the following week! And after that it was all a blur, our house sold within a week and we were left frantically looking for a new house that we could schedule a simultaneous closing on. Not as easy as you might think, the Market is crazy and houses were selling within a day, we lost out on two previous listings before we found this one.


And it really was for the best, I am so grateful now that we didn’t end up with either of the houses we initially thought we wanted. Our new house couldn’t be more perfect for us. We were able to find a house in a good school district, within walking distance of where Brynlee will go to kindergarten, on a cul-de-sac and we have the best neighbors who have kids and we’ve already become great friends with!


We have a lot of work ahead of us on this house, while we were able to get all 3 of our non-negotiable items, there are quite a few updates that need to be done and I am so excited to be able to share it all with you here!

xoxo, Cassidi



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