Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My oh my, do I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s only day 2 of early access and I can’t believe how many things have sold out already! I had so much fun searching for my picks and wish list items, I hope you love them as much as I do and share in the comments what your favorites were!

Before I get into the sale, I want to clarify the early access available to card members. For years I thought that meant I had to have a Nordstrom Credit Card. We only keep one credit card (the Amazon card,) for the both of us and we do NOT subscribe to store credit cards. It is so easy to get into debt with those. Thankfully, Nordstrom was kind enough to offer people like me another solution, the Nordstrom Debit Card. Much like the Target Debit Card (which of course I have), it is attached and pulls directly from your checking account so you never have to worry about paying a bill on time or being charged interest. IMO it is the best solution for gaining early access to the sale, there is no risk and you can sign up for it in store or online.

Okay, enough of that tangent… onto the sale!!!

Like many others I got online first thing yesterday morning to get a peek at the sale, some of my favorite bloggers, Veronika, Lauren and Lynzy have been providing great coverage of the sale and I loved browsing their picks as I was selecting my own purchases.

This was the first year I tried ordering online for in store pick up, I guess I was just too excited to wait for shipping and I was really worried some things would sell out in store before I was able to get there (we had swim lessons this morning). Unfortunately, there were some glitches in their system due to the volume of people trying to shop and while they had received my order, it hadn’t been processed when I went in. So I was stuck trying to find all the items I had ordered on my own. While I was able to find most of them, some I’m still waiting on and hoping to get within a few days. I’ll keep you posted.


Lace Camisole– I love these so much! I ordered the black and white, but when I was at the store I saw the green and had to get that one too! They will be the perfect layering cami this Fall, but also look great on their own while we are still trying to survive this 110*+ heat!

B.P. Scoop Neck Tee– I bought last years version of this and love it so much that this year I bought 2 and am still considering getting another. They are so comfortable and light weight for our mild Fall/ Winter weather, I know these will be on constant repeat.

Sole Society Tote– After carrying a diaper bag for the last year and a half or so, I decided to treat myself to a new tote. The mauve color is so pretty and it reminds me of the Madewell Transport tote, but at a fraction of the price!

Free People Tee– This is one of the items I ordered and am still waiting on, I purchased lilac.

Zella High Waisted Leggings– I wanted to buy these last year’s during the sale but didn’t and I have always regretted it! This was one of the first items I added to my cart this year and after trying them on in store, I now know why everyone raves about them! If you love yoga, running, working out in general or are just looking for some athleisure wear that will hold you in in all the right places, these are the leggings you need! Especially if you are postpartum, I am so bummed I waited to long to get them.

Wrap Cardigan– our Winter’s are so mild that I don’t get the chance to wear coats often, but I live in cardigans! I ordered this one later in the day after seeing how cute it was on Veronika and am so excited for it to come. After the fiasco with in store pick up, I just had this one shipped to me, so I’ll hopefully get it next week sometime.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan- speaking of regrets, I’ve wanted this cardigan for years, but never pulled the trigger. I already own the robe and a blanket (similar) and new I would love anything from their brand. It is so cozy and soft and I can’t wait for our weather to cool down enough that I can wear it!

B.P. Waffle Stitch Cardigan– TBH, I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one. I ordered it first thing yesterday morning because I knew it would sell out and based on what I was seeing from the Nordstrom Sale coverage it was too soft and cozy to pass up. Unfortunately, my store didn’t have any so I’ll have to wait until it comes in before I can weigh in on it, but since I already have and love the barefoot dreams cardigan in a similar color, this one might not make the cut.


Oh, if only I had unlimited funds… here are the items I managed to refrain from (at least for now), but am still seriously drooling over.

Darlington Flat– Perhaps my favorite item from the sale, I know I will be thinking about these shoes and regret not purchasing them for a long time, but at a $190 price tag I just couldn’t justify it. If only my pre-child self could hear me now…

Cat Eye Sunglasses– My favorite style of sunglasses, but until my 19 month old decides that my sunglasses aren’t his own personal entertainment device, easily located on my face, I wont be buying any sunglasses that cost more than $15. Maybe next year…

Tory Burch Crossbody– once again, after lugging a giant, heavy diaper bag around for more than a year, I would really like something smaller. Especially for when (dare I say) mama gets out by herself!

Plush Throw- at just $25, this might still end up in our home at some point. It is such a soft blanket and while I am naturally drawn to the cream color, they have so many color options I think I need to figure out what would work best with our new home’s decor and where I might “need” another throw blanket.

Wubby Fleece Pullover– this is another item I might end up ordering. I have heard so many great things about this pullover! I will definitely be keeping my eye on it and if some of my other purchases don’t work out, I’ll probably get this one.

Pink Luggage– do I NEED new luggage? no… would I love this adorable pink set? YES!!!

Trench Coat– I have always been drawn to trench coats and I love the shape and design of this one. Someday I will get one, but that day is probably not today.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings– I’ve heard these are amazing and that no other faux leather legging can compare. I’ve gone back and forth since last year’s sale on whether or not to get these and I still can’t decide how much I’d actually wear them. This might be another for next year.

So tell me, what have been some of your favorites from the sale this year. Are you an early access shopper or do you not really care either way? Leave me a comment below!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Cassidi


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