Welcome Home!

I thought I’d share the rest of the listing photos along with some of the plans/ideas we have for our new home. I plan to share the after/progress photos as we work on them, but didn’t think to take before pictures before we moved in. Also, if you want to follow along for real time updates, check in with me on Instagram.


Up first, paint ALL. THE. WALLS!!! Before we even really got what we needed unpacked we started painting. We bought a few 5 gallon buckets of paint from Home Depot during their Memorial Day sale while they were $40 off. We decided to go with the same color as in our last house, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter color matched to Behr. We love this color and while I already know that I will repaint certain rooms, I know I will be happy with this color until I figure out the design of each room. It’s basically just a “Phase 1” project as described by Young House Love. I really want to take my time decorating this house, we plan to be here for a long time so any big changes I do make I want to make sure are changes I will like indefinitely.


This bedroom is right off our front room and will eventually be Landon’s office/ my craft room. I assure you, he is really excited about that little scenario 😉


The downstairs bath, I have BIG plans for this little room! Think black and white with a subway tile walk-in shower. Since we now have a pool, I thought it would be nice to have a place for guests to easily rinse off. This renovation isn’t going to happen for quite some time, there are plenty of other, more pressing updates that need to be done, but it’s something I’m so excited about!


The previous owners were kind enough to replace this utility sink before they left and I can’t tell you how nice it has been to have a sink in the laundry room. Our last house’s laundry was the other half of the pantry and I always despised that layout. I have plans to add some built in cabinets above the washer/dryer, as well as, a hanging rack. I like to fold and hang clothes directly from the dryer, otherwise it tends to end up in a pile in the corner of a room. You can’t see it in this picture, but on the other side of this room is a pop-out with some wire shelves. I’d eventually like to take those down, add some base cabinets with possibly a butcher block top for a drop zone coming in from the garage and either some open shelves or more cabinets up top.


This kitchen, oh this kitchen, I was so excited to get a white kitchen. I can’t tell you how nice and bright it is in here. Unfortunately, these painted cabinets were not done well and I am going to need to sand them down and repaint them all. There are multiple spots where the paint is chipping off and some areas where the previous color shows through. I also want to replace the knobs and drawer pulls.


We had plans to replace all the flooring as soon as we moved in, but decided to hold off until we are finished painting and know if there are any design changes we want to make and I am so glad we did! We’ve had a few drips that weren’t caught in time and I am so grateful it wasn’t on our brand new flooring.


That pallet wall there was the cause of a lot of debate… most of our family loved it, I didn’t like the bench but thought it might be fun to paint it white for a shiplap-like look (#fixerupper) and Landon couldn’t stand it! He wanted the TV to go there and well, ripping that out was the very first thing he did. I must admit, I like it much better now and it works much better with the layout of our furniture.


On to the upstairs, this bedroom is now Lincoln’s and I can’t wait to decorate it. I plan on doing basically the same thing as his last nursery, I loved the woodland theme so much and since I still have all the decor and there is no need for an update, all we are going to do is repaint and have some blackout drapes made. That window is East facing and while there are blinds, they do a very poor job of keeping the sunlight out so we’ve been having a lot of 4:30-5:00am wake up calls…


This room is going to be our guest room, I am so happy to have a guest room again! After Lincoln was born we transitioned our previous home’s guest room to his nursery and didn’t have the room to have one. Since our family is long distance we are so grateful to have a comfortable place for them to stay. TBH this will probably be the first room we complete, we are that motivated to have visitors!


And this is Brynlee’s room, it might be the only room we don’t paint right away. The blue is really pretty with all the pink accents she already has and if I can find the right fabric for drapes I think it will look beautiful. I have plans for a big girl room update down the road, but for now she is really happy with the room as is.


The upstairs bath that will be the kids bath. The cabinets are painted and just like the ones in the kitchen are in desperate need of being repainted. I want to make this a fun bathroom for the kids to use.


And finally, the Master, this room is HUGE!


Much larger than we need and because of the weird bump out shape, I’m having a hard time figuring out what I want to do with it. We ordered a new bedroom set, after our dresser basically disintegrated during the move, so hopefully once that’s in I’ll have a better idea. Unfortunately it’s on back order until August… rest assured that we have plenty to do in the meantime though.


The Master Bathroom… Yup! That’s carpet you see there!! I cannot wait to rip that out! I will never understand carpeted bathrooms!!!


I love this pool!!! It’s already gotten so much use, we love spending time in there. And before you ask, we already had a pool fence installed, I’ll share pics soon, but we did have a child proof lock on the back door in the meantime, which we plan on leaving as an extra precaution.


We had the smallest patio ever at our old house, so we have loved spending time out on this one! Our plan is to add some overhead fans and a TV out here.


This rocky area will eventually be grass, hopefully by next summer, but neither of us want to do any extra yard work until the weather cools down. This will be our winter project, but both our kid’s and our dog miss the grass from the old house, so that’s a must.


You guys, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have a garage door to the back! I would have never guessed but it has come in super handy! And when you are working in the garage with both doors open it creates the nicest breeze, so even when its 110* out it’s not completely sweltering in the garage. Definitely as bonus feature that we have loved!

We are seriously so happy and feel so blessed to be in this house. So many things have fallen into place for us here and we know this was definitely the right time and right house for us. Thank you so much for reading and for following along on our journey! I’d love to hear what you think, please comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions for our little space, it’s kind of overwhelming thinking of everything that needs to be done, so I’d love any suggestions!

xoxo, Cassidi




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