Back to School Essentials

Seeing as I am sending off my very first Kindergartner to school this year, I really have no authority in the realm of expertise on this. But, since I love reading these types of posts for inspiration, I thought maybe some of you would too!

With school starting on Monday, last week I decided it was time to stock up on school supplies and everything Brynlee would need to start her school year. I always loved back to school shopping with my mom each year, so it was definitely a tradition I wanted to start with Brynlee. But after evaluating her wardrobe, she really didn’t much, we recently did a big shopping trip for summer clothes after she had a growth spurt and since it really doesn’t start cooling down here until November, I figured we could pick up a few essentials now and then do a cold weather shopping trip in a couple of months. I’m instilling that love of shopping at a young age 😉


Brynlee spotted this Pottery Barn Backpack, Lunch Tote, Water Bottle and Thermos with the Disney Princesses on it and has been talking about it ever since! They were having a sale a couple of weeks ago (the backpack and lunch tote are still on sale) so I went ahead and ordered them and we gifted them to her last weekend filled with some of the school supplies she will need. I also included some My Little Pony surprise packs to make it extra fun! She was so excited and is having a hard time waiting until school starts to use them. I also purchased this bento box to try out while it was on sale. We already own (and love) two of these and I also picked up the Ziplock 3 Compartment Food Storage (similar) to try out this year too.

I purchased this pack of Hair Bows on Prime Day last year and we love them! With so many color options, you have one for every outfit and at under $10, I’m not going to be sad if she loses one.

Target had a 20% of Cartwheel deal last week, so I picked up some basic tees for Brynlee. I love this Black and White Striped Tee, I have so many of these in my closet I had to add one to hers too! This Blue Polka Dot Tee is super cute and will look adorable with these overalls she already has. And she picked out this Peacock Tee (currently on clearance). We snagged a few others that I couldn’t find online, but I love Target tees, they are a great price and have so many options.

Like I said, it doesn’t really start to get cold here until around November (or sometimes Decemeber), but on occasion we do have chilly mornings. This Denim Jacket is perfect for Brynlee to wear in the morning or on particularly windy days when it doesn’t call for a full winter coat. I also love that denim is super durable so it can withstand going to school each day.

We also stocked up on shorts and pants, I love these Lace Trimmed Shorts so much! And these Cat and Jack Jeggings are our favorite! They are super comfy and have an elastic waistband, which is pretty much a must at this age. If anything is tight, itchy or uncomfortable in anyway, she WILL. NOT. wear it! I couldn’t resist picking up some Moto Jeggings too while we were there. They meet the stretchy with elastic waistband requirement for Brynlee and are just so cute with their moto detail, so I love them too!

Okay, so now it’s your turn to share some info to this back to school novice… what am I forgetting, what else works well, what are your back to school secrets! Share in the comments, because I need to know!

And for all you mama’s sending your babies off to Kindergarten too this year, just know that my heart is with you! I can’t imagine not spending all my days with her, but I also know this will be the best thing for her and she is so excited. And I’m excited to watch her learn and grow. But you better believe I will be a bawling ball of mess come Monday when I have to say good-bye…

xo, Cassidi


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