A (Photo Shoot) Dream Come True…

Once upon a time, I was laying in an ultrasound room with my husband and all our family, when the happiest words I’d ever heard were uttered… It’s a Girl!!!

Now years later, as a mom of both a girl and a boy, I can tell you that being a mom to either gender is exceptional and special in it’s own way. And without a doubt, if those words uttered were “it’s a boy”, I would have been equally excited. But, as a girl myself (who had a very close and wonderful relationship to my mom growing up), I was really hoping for a girl as our first child and immediately went into planning mode and buying ALL. THE. BOWS!!!


And thus, this idea for a photo shoot was born. I knew that someday having my baby girl photographed in my wedding dress would be something so special and that those photos would be ones I cherished always.


I’ve contemplated having it done multiple times over the last few years, I wanted to still be able to capture her “littleness”, but I also wanted her to understand the significance too.


And so, a week before my precious baby girl, my first born, headed off to Kindergarten, I decided now was a perfect time. And my good friend and photographer, Andrea, was there to make it happen!


Fun Fact: Andrea is one of my oldest and best friends and was a bridesmaid at my wedding.


I also have to give a big thank you to Regency Garden, my wedding venue 9 years ago, who when I called with this idea couldn’t have been more supportive and willing to lend their venue for an afternoon to make my mama dreams come true.


And here she is, my beautiful baby girl (who looks far too grown up), in my wedding dress, at the place where her daddy and I were married 9 years ago. Seriously, such a special moment.


Andrea was so amazing too, she suggested I bring some sentimental props for the photos, like this wedding photo.


Our rings…


My shoes…


I still love these shoes to this day!


And these fans that I made for all the guests who attended our wedding. This might be my favorite photo, her face just makes my mama heart so happy.

DSC_0347 copy

She even wore all of my wedding jewelry.


I am so grateful to have these photos of my little girl that connect her to one of the most important and special days of my life preceding her birth. And I hope that she will always look back at these pictures and remember this special moment we shared and all the love that I have for her.


This girl means the world to me and I love her more than words can say!

If you are a mama to a daughter, I can’t recommend doing a photo shoot like this enough! It will make your mama heart want to burst!

And if you happen to live in AZ and need an awesome photographer to make this dream a reality you should definitely contact Andrea!

xo, Cassidi


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