Spring Old Navy Picks

Old Navy has been having a ton of great sales recently! So when I saw their 40% with free shipping offer a couple of weeks ago, I took advantage and ordered some things for Brynlee.

Old NavySalePicks

1. This tutu dress is so fun! It’s super comfortable and Brynlee has deemed it her princess dress!

2. I love this little floral dress, it’s only $8 right now and is perfect for when Brynlee needs to be a little dressier, like a birthday party or when we go out to dinner.

3. The perfect, casual summer dress, I ordered it in two colors! It’s super comfy and perfect for school, the park or even to thrown on over her swimsuit after a day at the pool or splash pad.

4. These shorts are currently on sale for $6! And the floral print is super fun!

5. I have Brynlee wear these shorts under her dresses, they are light weight and allow her to still be her active/rambunctious self while still keeping her modest.

6. This swimsuit is so adorable!! I love the print and it has a cutout on the back that is perfection! Between pool days, going to the splash pad and swim lessons, we get a lot of use out of our swim wear and this one is less than $10!

7. I was planning on getting Brynlee a pair of Native’s this summer, but when I saw these for less than half the price I had to try them out! Plus the heart cutouts are the cutest! Brynlee has already gotten a ton of wear out of them. They are easy for her to slip on and have great traction for when we are at the pool or the splash pad so she doesn’t slip and fall.

8. I used to love Jellies as a kid, so when I saw these I had to get them for Brynlee. They are super similar to these mini melissa shoes for a fraction of the price. And Brynlee calls them her jelly bean shoes, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Happy Shopping!

xo, Cassidi


The Grace Dress


shoes (old from H&M, similar pair here)

Brynlee had her Spring picture day a few weeks ago, so I decided to make her a dress that could double as her Easter Dress. And with Easter just a few short weeks away, I thought now would be the perfect time to share it.

Violette Field Threads is one of my favorite pattern makers for girls, I have almost all of their patterns at this point and am slowly making my way through all of them. They recently came out with a stuffed doll line that I am dying to make, I think they would make the perfect gift, especially with all the outfits you can make to go with them!

For Brynlee’s Easter dress, I knew I wanted to make the Grace Dress. I love the scalloped edge option and thought it was the perfect feminine detail for Easter. The floral fabric I used to make it is from Hobby Lobby, it has sparkly gold accents that I love! To dress it up a bit for Easter, I decided to make the bottom of the dress from tulle, I used 4 layers of aqua tulle and one layer of aqua cotton for the lining.  It is perfectly puffy and makes a great twirling skirt, which Brynlee has absolutely taken advantage of!

This dress is a pretty quick and easy sew, just go slowly over the scallops to make sure they turn out perfect.

Happy Sewing!

xo, Cassidi

Top 5 Makeup Must Haves


I love makeup, I love buying it, I love applying it, I love finding new items to love. But since adding a second baby into the mix, I’ve found that I don’t always have the luxury of time, now I’m lucky to get 5 minutes to do my makeup on the days when Landon goes to work.


*Makeup Bag (VS– unavailable online, Similar)

And so, I’ve narrowed down my top 5 makeup must haves to get me out the door quick and still make me feel like I am put together. Now I am not saying that you can’t leave the house without any makeup on, in fact I try to go at least one or two days a week without makeup to give my face a break, but I do feel better about myself when I apply at least some, especially now that I need something to hide those dark circles caused by late night nursing sessions.

Concealer– I recently picked up this at Target and love it! I wear #10 Light. I think it does a great job of hiding my circles and minimizing any redness or blemishes I may have. I know that there are many other concealers out there that probably do a better job and I’ve often thought about investing in a color correcting palette, but for under $5 you cant beat this one from Maybelline.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation, Medium Beige, 0.28 Ounce

BareMinerals Foundation– I’ve been using this stuff  (in Medium) for years and I love it! It is so light weight, provides great coverage and it doesn’t make my face feel heavy from too much makeup. I’ve tried a few others over the years, but always end up back with this.


Blush– In the winter especially, I feel a little pale without adding some color to my cheeks. I love this baked blush from Milani in Luminoso. It is a great dupe for NARS’ popular blush, Orgasm, at a fraction of the price.

Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow 110, 0.44 Fluid Ounce

Brow Gel– I have been using this stuff since high school and don’t know if I’ll ever change. It has a great price point, under $4 and is great at taming my brows. I’ve also recently started using this to fill in my brows (#gettingold) and I love it, but on days when I just don’t have the time, this brow gel does the trick.


Mascara– Nothing makes me feel more awake than wearing mascara, if I had to choose just one makeup item to wear, this would be it! I have tried numerous mascaras over the years and my absolute favorite is this one. It is definitely worth the splurge (especially since I’m saving so much on #’s 1, 3 and 4). It has a huge bristle brush, I hate those plastic brush heads, makes my lashes look really thick and long and it stays put! There is nothing worse that having your mascara fall all down your face. Also, I am not a fan of waterproof mascara, some people swear by it, and it does come in a waterproof version if you do too, but I have regretted every waterproof mascara purchase I have made, so I stick to the normal wear ones now.

So now, tell me, what are your favorite makeup must haves, is there anything I am missing out on?

xo, Cassidi

PIN MEtop-fivemakeupmust-haves

Toddler Style- The Pumpkin Patch


one / two (top and bottom) / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

We are really big on holidays around here. My family always made each and every holiday special and fun growing up and I want Brynlee to experience all the joys holidays bring too.

Each October we always visit a pumpkin patch (or two or three) and I love finding Brynlee a cute Halloween themed outfit to wear to them. It makes the pictures super cute and it really gets her in the spirit of things. She loves Halloween, so this year in addition to a pumpkin patch outfit, I found a few more things to keep the spirit going all month long!

xo, Cassidi

Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale Picks


one / two  (40% off / three  (under $20) / four  (maternity) / five / six  (40%off) / seven / eight / nine / ten

Labor Day sales may have come to a close, but there are plenty of End of Summer Sales still out there! Right now Nordstrom is having their End of Summer Clearance and there are a ton of pieces available to help transition your wardrobe through Fall.

1. This lightweight sweater will be perfect once the chill starts to set in, but before a jacket is necessary.

2. A dark colored bag is perfect for Fall/Winter and this one is under $30!

3. The perfect layering tee, would be so cute under a jacket, comes in multiple colors and is only $16.80!

4. Here’s one for all you ladies in the same boat as me, this one is Maternity and looks super comfy and cozy.

5. Tassels are so popular right now, this necklace would be great paired with the tee above and a jacket, or even with the lightweight sweater.

6. It’s almost time to say goodbye to our summer sandals, but I won’t be too sad with these lace up flats on deck. I am loving this trend right now and these are 40% off!

7. By now you’ve probably realized I’ve completely jumped on the ankle bootie bandwagon and I love the cutout detailing on these!

8. Always a Fall wardrobe staple for me, a comfy, loose cardigan to throw on over leggings. I love the drape on this one.

9. A flowy top is always a favorite of mine, especially around the holidays where one might tend to indulge a little too much… This one comes is multiple colors, so stock up!

10. These are said to be the holy grail of jeans and I can’t wait until after baby comes and I lose the baby weight to try them out! And right now they are 33% off!

What end of summer sales have you found?

xo, Cassidi

Bring on Fall



By now you can probably tell that I have Fall on the brain. I am dreaming of those cooler temps and can hardly wait until I can start opening my windows again. Oh and also when I can get in my car without fear of 3rd degree burns…

So, I thought I would do a little round up of affordable accessories to help bring your summer wardrobe into Fall.

I recently ordered this utility jacket (50% off!!), I’ve wanted one for a couple of years now and am so happy I finally pulled the trigger. This one is very light weight, definitely a must here in the desert, and I love that it has a drawstring around the waist so you can adjust the shape of the jacket instead of if just being boxy and/or baggy.

As a mama, I’m am constantly hauling around a plethora of snacks, drinks and toys to keep my little entertained while out and about. So small bags just aren’t cutting it these days, I’m loving the size and color of this tote.

Hats are a relatively new trend that I’m buying into. I’ve always loved them, but have never really worn them much. Then last year I purchased a felt hat from Target and fell in love! They are amazing for bad hair days or day when you will be outside for extended periods of time, I love wearing mine to the zoo.

Booties are another trend that I am just recently buying into this season. As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a heal person these days, but these look short and supportive enough to work for me. I love them paired with some skinny jeans and a utility jacket or sweater, so I might have to snag a pair before too long.

Sunglasses are really an everyday thing for me here and long gone are the days of buying designer sunglasses. These are a great price point, only $12, so if Brynlee grabs them off my face or I lose them I’m not going to be too worried. My go to sunglasses are always a cat eye, but I usually stick to black. I’m excited to try out some tortoise shell for Fall.

All hail the poncho!! I love this Fall trend! I have a few from last year and love throwing them on whenever it gets chilly. These are perfect for early morning school drop offs, thrown over a tee and some leggings. Or paired with some skinny jeans, booties and a hat for your errand running. I hope these stay around a while.

And of course, the blanket scarf. As a mom, I love these, they double as a scarf for me and a blanket for Brynlee if she need one (also perfect for taking to cold movie theaters). If you’re a nursing mom, these are definitely big enough to keep you well covered and you and your baby warm.

What are some of your favorite Fall trends?

xo, Cassidi

Dressing the Bump

I think we can all agree that getting ready in the morning when you’re pregnant isn’t always the most fun thing to do. Especially as your clothes get tighter and tighter and eventually don’t fit anymore, it is extremely tempting to live out the remainder of your pregnancy wearing all things stretchy, yoga pants, I’m talking to you! Not to mention being just plain tired ALL. THE. TIME.

However, I notice a considerable difference in the way I feel when I take that extra time to get ready in the morning by doing my hair and make up and putting on something that is both comfortable, but still fashionable. On those days I am happier, I get more done and I swear, I have more energy.

So today I’ve rounded up some pregnancy wardrobe must-haves that are comfortable, affordable and stylish, making the dreaded morning routine just that much easier.



Lets start off with the shoes, I still have a closet full of heels from my pre-Brynlee days, but sadly they sit there, neglected, with a layer of dust, waiting for the day when I can wear them again. Instead, I mostly stick to flats and I love the added interest that the silhouette of these two flats have and the detail of the lace up on faux snakeskin flats, perfection! On the rare occasion I do wear heels, I try to stick to wedges, they are way more comfortable and much easier to stay balanced when chasing after a toddler.

The back of this top is gorgeous and would be perfect for date night. This blue top looks so comfortable and paired with some cute white skinny jeans would be on repeat for errands and preschool pick up/ drop off. And I am a sucker for stripes, this top, paired with a cute scarf would take me all through Fall when the cooler temps start. These tops from Target are by far my favorite maternity tees, they are super comfortable and extra long. I’m amazed by how many maternity tops are so short! And we can’t forget about activewear, because there is no way I’m squeezing into my pre-prego workout clothes at 22 weeks and I love the purple color.

Being that it is still so darn hot here and will continue to be through October, I really try to wear dresses as much as possible and these two will transition great into Fall by just adding tights or leggings, a jacket, scarf and maybe a hat.

Not only are these jeans on sale right now, but I love the fact that they are not elastic all the way around the waist. As comfortable as those may be, I always have a hard time with those staying up, so I think these might be a good compromise. And these leggings are by far my favorite of all time!! They are so comfortable!

And last but certainly not least, pajamas, which I think are forgotten about a lot. I love pajamas and being pregnant and not able to fit into any of mine anymore is not something I enjoy. I love that these are nursing friendly and the robe will be perfect throughout fall and winter. These would even be great in the hospital bag for when I can finally get out of the icky hospital gown.

What are some of your favorite maternity clothes, please share, I’m always looking for more ideas!

Happy Friday!!!

xoxo, Cassidi