Spring Refresh

Spring is on the horizon, well actually, here it is pretty much in full swing and we are loving every minute of this beautiful weather. With the changing of the seasons, it got me thinking about giving a little update to our most used room in our house, the living room. We spend about 75% of our time as a family in our living room right now and I am ready to lighten things up a bit.


For spring I like to stick to lighter neutrals with lots of texture and a few pops color to brighten things up.

Sofa – The sofa is a staple in any living room and this sofa has slip covers that are machine washable! As a mom of two kids, I would love to have the option to wash them whenever sticky hands or a spill occurs. Check out Arhaus’ Living Room page for more colors and some non-slip cover options.

 Ottoman – We have an ottoman very similar to this, it is easy to clean and perfect for corralling/ hiding toys. Plus the padding is very beneficial when you have a new walker in the midst.

 Rug – I love this light grey rug, make it extra plush by adding a rug pad underneath.

 Cream Floral Pillow / Watercolor Pillow / Basketweave Pillow–  I love utilizing throw pillows to add texture and extra color because you have so many different options and no matter what you choose, its never overwhelming since they are on a smaller scale, so have fun with it!

Brass Picture Frame – Spring is a great time to update your pictures, these brass picture frames are my current favorite.

Table Lamp– With the days starting to get longer also consider updating your lighting. I love this gold table lamp that would create a little more ambiance in the evenings, instead of always having overhead lighting which can sometimes be a bit harsh.

Tray – A must have with a padded “coffee table” to hold my mug full of cold coffee…

 Gold Pineapple Candle –  Also perfect to set on the tray, a spring scented candle. My favorite (and what is currently burning right now) is Violet and Freesia, but I also love Lavender for spring.

Throw Blanket– Even though the days are warming up, nights can still be a bit chilly so a lightweight throw is perfect for cuddling up in on those crisp evenings. I especially love the ruffling on this one.

What are some of your favorite ways to update your home for Spring?

xoxo, Cassidi

DIY 2×4 Cinderella Pumpkins

If you recall, last year I made these cute orange pumpkins thanks to a tutorial by the sweet ladies at Lolly Jane.


This year, as I was pulling out all of my Fall/Halloween decorations from the garage, I noticed some extra 2×4’s and 3/4″ wooden dowels left over from the project.


Instead of adding more orange pumpkins to my little pumpkin patch, I thought that a few white Cinderella pumpkins would fit in perfectly.


Armed with my sanded 2 x  4’s and 3/4″x 1″ dowels, I drilled shallow 3/4″ holes into the top center of each of the 2 x 4’s.


Then I grabbed some paint from my stash, Handmade Modern (from Target) in Metallic 20k Gold, Martha Stewart Crafts Multisurface in Mother of Pearl and Apple Barrel Colors in 20575 Sandstone.


I painted the stems gold and the base of the pumpkin with 2 coats of sandstone and 1 coat of mother of pearl on top.


Using 80 grit sandpaper, I roughed up the pumpkins to give them a rustic look and attached the stems using E-6000 (my favorite for everything) glue.


After tying a green ribbon around the stem, off they went to live with the rest of the pumpkins in the patch.


And of course, since its October, my two Jack-O-Lanterns are showing off their smiling faces!

Happy Crafting!

xo, Cassidi


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

It’s September 1st, which means Fall officially begins this month! So, I am taking that as the okay to start decking my house in all things Fall, pumpkins and everything cozy.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this post highlighting a few of my favorite Fall decor items, but I would be remiss if I didn’t also share the love with a few of my favorite handmade shops.

1.First, I love glass mugs! Second, sweater weather… Yes please!

2. and 3. I love Barn Owl Primitives, the wood signs are just gorgeous and they’ve recently adding a shop of curated home goods, plenty of which I wouldn’t mind adding in my home.

4. I LOVE these pumpkins! I plan to pick at least one or two up at Junk in the Trunk later this month! Follow Olive Wood Designs on IG for restocking info.

5. I have always admired Aidie’s Hideaway’s garlands, they are just beautiful! This is a garland from last year’s line (she hasn’t shared this year’s pumpkins yet), but I just know they will be great. I would buy every single one of her garlands if I could, they are that pretty and the perfect decoration for any season.

6. I love velvet pumpkins and these comes in so many colors!

7. I’m obviously a sucker for garlands and felt ball garlands are so fun! I think this would pair perfectly with an Aidie’s Hideaway garland to dress up a mantle, window or even a stair banister.

8. Only $5 and is an instant download… done and done!

9. This is such a fun countdown calendar for kids! This is for the pattern, so there is quite a bit of DIY work involved, but I’m hoping for have one made by Halloween next year. I know Brynlee would love this!

What are some of your favorite Fall decor items? And small shops that you love?

xo, Cassidi

It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!!!

For those of you that read Monday’s post, I’m sure you know what I am so excited about. Yes, our new fridge was delivered yesterday morning and by yesterday afternoon I was able to fill it up. For those of you that have been fridge-less for any amount of time, I’m sure you can relate to just how long those 3 ½ days felt! But I am so glad it is finally here and in full use.


Having your refrigerator go out on you kind of puts you up against the gun when shopping for a new one. And when you are talking about making a purchase that is over a thousand bucks, that was not a very fun place to be. After do some preliminary searching online, we decided to try out a Sears Outlet. There is one about 5 miles from our house and since we weren’t planning to replace our refrigerator any time soon and have not been saving to do so, we thought this would be a good option. Sadly, we were sorely disappointed. I couldn’t believe how damaged these refrigerators were while they were still asking well over $1000 for them. I understand the inside of the refrigerator might work just fine, but spending that much money on something that damaged was not something we were interested it. I guess this would be good if you were purchasing an extra one for your garage or something, but we have an open floor plan where everyone that comes over can see our refrigerator and I would prefer the handles and doors to not all be dented in. Now, the other appliances there looked pretty good and when it comes time to replace our washer and dryer I will probably be going back to see what they have, it just didn’t work out well for us in the refrigerator department.

Feeling slightly defeated and not knowing what our plan was we decided to swing into the Home Depot that was on our way home. That stop was helpful because we were able to take a look at the different units and decide what were must haves (ahem, icemaker/water dispenser ahem…) and what were not (my beloved French door refrigerators, insert sad emoji here). When we got back home we had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for, a side by side unit, with an in the door icemaker/ water dispenser in stainless steel. We currently have all black appliances, but we’ve been wanting to make the switch to stainless and I honestly don’t think that a stainless steel and black combination looks too bad while we are in the midst of our transition. Anyway, we found some great options in the Kenmore Elite series and also a great deal on a Samsung at Best Buy online, so Monday we headed out to check them out in person. Landon really liked the reviews that the Samsung got so we decided to go to Best Buy first and if that didn’t work out we would take a look at Sears. Sadly, the Samsung model we wanted had been discontinued and was out of stock everywhere, it just hadn’t been taken off their website yet. This, however, was a blessing in disguise, while we were there we met a super helpful salesperson that spent tons of time talking to us about all the different brands and their features. I was having a hard time making a decision, because again, I didn’t like feeling pressured to buy a refrigerator so quickly, I like to see all of my options first to make sure I am getting the best deal. But the sales guy never once made me feel like I was in a hurry. He was so helpful and would leave us alone to discuss what we liked and didn’t like about this fridge or that one and he was always right there to help us when we needed it. And actually, even though we went in expecting to get a side by side and told him that’s what we were looking for, he pointed out a Frigidaire French door that was on sale and wouldn’t you know, that made it in our price range!!! Hallelujah! I was so excited! But then once he found out I preferred the French doors he also showed us a top of the line Samsung model that was an out of the box sale so it was marked down over half off! The downside, it was in black and we were trying to get away from black, but all of the features it had made it really hard. Ultimately, it came down to the reassurance of having something brand new when you are spending that much money (the Samsung had a couple of small dents and while they weren’t that noticeable, we still didn’t like the fact that our “new” fridge would come already damaged, no matter how slightly) and I really didn’t want black that made us choose the Frigidaire.



Now, I’ve only had it for one day, but I already know I am going to love it!! We did lose some freezer space, but since we have a huge chest freezer that wasn’t a concern for us. What I really wanted was more fridge space and I got it! Our fridge looks so empty now! I’m really looking forward to having all the extra space come the holidays, I’ve struggled every year trying to figure out how to get all of the pies and things into my old side by side. Another feature I love is how customizable the interior is, you can move absolutely everything around in there to fit your needs. And I love having the extra storage space in the doors, as you can see, we are quite possibly condiment hoarders and its nice having them all corralled instead of wandering around in the main area.


I love how the freezer is designed too! It has a deep bottom with an adjustable divider in it and a drawer that slides out on top. I put all of Brynlee’s food in the top drawer (when I buy her food, I like to separate it into smaller portions so that it is easier to thaw if I need to and quick to make, plus there is a lot less waste), and all of our frozen fruits and veggies in the bottom of the drawer. Our chest freezer holds all of our meat, so this set up is actually helping us stay more organized.


Another great feature, the in the door icemaker/ water dispenser (which works great by the way), has a temperature display. If our old fridge had this we would have caught the fact that it stopped working a lot faster and wouldn’t have had to deal with some of the food thawing out.


Hmmm… when I started writing this post, I really wasn’t expecting it to be this long, but I guess I just had to share how much I love this new refrigerator and how awesome our buying experience was at Best Buy. Also, the delivery was wonderful too, they were quick, courteous, answered any questions I had and actually came when they said they would instead of at the end or after my 2 hour time window. We will definitely be going back when it come times to replace another appliance to see if they have any options for us. Oh and did I mention that this refrigerator is super quiet too! I am so happy with our purchase and how everything turned out, I was worried about being in such a rush to buy something, but thanks to our smartphones we were able to see that the deal we got at Best Buy was at least $150 dollars lower than anywhere else at the time we purchased it. So all in all, I feel pretty good about our decision and even better now that it is here and up and running!

Next on our list to replace is our oven, it will probably be quite a ways down the line, but do you have any suggestions? We’d like to switch to gas, we really haven’t had the best of time with electric ovens so we are ready for something new.

Pom Pom Pillow Cover Tutorial

A good friend of mine had a baby in August and asked me to help her with her nursery. The colors she chose were coral, mint and gold, let me tell you, this nursery turned out gorgeous! I love it and I know her little girl will too! I already shared the quilt I made for her here, but she also wanted a small pillow to go with the rocking chair she had. I love how it turned out! The pillow is actually fabric that was left over from the drapes I made her so it matches the nursery perfectly!


I purchased a 16”x16” pillow form from Joann’s 2 yards of pom pom trim. I only had about 4 inches of trim left, so if you make a larger pillow make sure you get extra trim. I like to use ½” seam allowances on my pillow covers, so from your fabric you will cut one piece 17”x17” (this will be the front piece). Then you will need two cuts for the back piece to make the envelope closure. For this, cut two pieces 17”x12”, I got this number by dividing 17 in half to get 8.5, then I always add three inches to give me plenty of room for the envelope closure bring it to 11.5, then, just to make things easy I rounded up to 12 for the height of each piece of fabric and 17” will stay the width (I hope that makes sense).

Next, you will want to iron one long edge (the 17” length) under ½” and then again another ½” on each piece of your back fabric. Fold over the first edge and sew, then fold over the second and pin in place.


Now your back pieces have finished seams and your thread line will not show on the back of your pillow.


Taking your front piece of fabric, cut 4 lengths of trim to the sizes of each edge of fabric (so all of my pieces were 17” long) and pin your pom pom trim around the perimeter.


*On a side note, I like to use these alligator clips in lieu of pins on projects like this because I find that they hold everything together really well and are easy to use. Plus I never get poked in the process, so that’s mice too!

Using a ¼” seam allowance, sew the pom pom trim to your front piece of fabric. This will make it much easier to sew when you are sewing your front and back pieces together and you will not have to worry about the trim moving around.


Next lay your front piece of fabric (with the trim attached) right side up. Line up the edges of the two back pieces, right side down, with the front, overlapping them in the middle and pin them together.




Using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew your pieces together. The added bulkiness of the pom pom trim can be a little tricky, but if you go slowly, you shouldn’t have a problem.


Clip your corners.


Turn your pillow cover right side out and wa-la! You have a beautiful pom pom pillow!


Brynlee loved this pillow, I ended up having to it hide from her, so I guess I will be making another one for her soon!

My Latest Sewing Project

In between sewing as much as I can for the Blissfully Made Shop on Etsy, I also take requests from friends and family. At the beginning of the summer, my mother in law asked me to make a quilt for her bed. She said it didn’t have to be anything fancy, she just couldn’t find one in the colors she needed for her room anywhere. Of course I said yes, I couldn’t wait for her to pick out the fabric that she wanted so I could get started, I was so excited to try something new!

Once she picked out the fabrics she wanted, I went and got them, brought them all home and just stared at the sheer volume of it. Did I mention she needed a California King size quilt?? I’ve lived in the realm of baby quilts for so long that I  didn’t know where to get started. And I was terrified to mess something up on it because buying replacement fabric for a quilt this size would be significantly more than for a baby size quilt.

Well… after sitting on it for a few days and checking, then rechecking the measurements I had calculated, there was nothing left for me to do but to get started. This was not a fast project by any means. I did make my fair share of mistakes, but that forced me to think outside of the box to fix it and I really did learn a lot while making this quilt. And I am so happy to say that it is finally finished and living in its home at my mother in laws!

I love how it ended up coming together! On the front I stitched in the ditch along the inner patterned fabric and along the connecting diagonals.



*On the back of the quilt it is easier to see where the stitches are.*

Due to the size of the quilt, on the back I had to sew 2 pieces of fabric together to get the width I needed. Don’t you just love this pattern?


I tried my best to sew it so the pattern was matching, just in case my mother in law wanted to reverse the quilt or have the top turned down.


These pictures were all taken on my queen size guest bed. I think it makes the quilt look a little off since the center pattern isn’t really centered, but you gotta work with what you have.




Even though there were times I wanted to quit while making this quilt, or times I was just too scared to continue, I am so glad it is done and I am so happy with how it turned out! It is exactly what I had envisioned before starting this project. So I guess the moral of the story of this quilt is that when things get hard, if you just keep pushing through, you might be amazed at what you are capable of!

So, what’s on your sewing/ crafting table right now? Have you had any projects like this, difficult to do, but so worth it in the end?

DIY Anthropologie Knockoff Pillow

PicMonkey Collage8

*image via

I was in Anthropologie a few weeks ago when I spotted this pillow, but with a hefty $70 price tag, I knew it wasn’t coming home with me. After a few days of pining after that pillow, I was walking through JoAnn’s and passed by their embroidery section where I spotted row after row of colorful embroidery thread. That’s when it hit me… I’ll just make my own tassel pillow!!! After picking out 9 different colors of thread (I bought 2 of each color to make sure I had enough), I headed to the fabric section to find some white or cream colored velvet. Well, not only could I not find white velvet, but the only velvet I did find was very expensive. But I didn’t give up, I kept searching for anything that would be similar and that’s when I found a white velour fabric that came in at $12.99 a yard, plus it was on sale that day for 50% off. SOLD! I bought one yard, as well as a 20-22 inch cream (they didn’t have any white at that length) zipper. Using a 40% off coupon for the zipper and I already had a pillow form I could use at home, this project came in at less than $15. Much better than the price of the original pillow.

I got home and got to work on my pillow… and I worked and worked and worked. Thanks to a lovely little crawling 11 month old I was only able spend short bursts of time on it over the course of about a week. But the time paid off! I love how it turned out and it was actually pretty simple to do.

Here’s what I did (I’m sure others would do it differently and there might even be quicker ways to do things out there, but this is what worked for me and I am very happy with the outcome):


1 yard of velour fabric (I made and 18”x18” pillow, but one yard is plenty to make a 20”x20” or even a little larger if you want)

Embroidery Thread- 2 in each color you chose. I purchased 9 different colors for this project, but you may want more or less depending on the size of your pillow.

A Tapestry Needle

Zipper – I used a 20”-22” hidden zipper for my pillow cover

Pillow insert- While I haven’t used them myself yet, the kind folks at pillowcubes.com offered to give my readers a 10% discount, use code BLISSFULLY10. Their pillows are all American made in Tennessee and there are a variety of options to choose from.

First, start by making all of your tassels. I used a dinner fork to make my tassels so they would all be the same size.

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Start by wrapping your thread around the fork tines, I wrapped mine 25 time to get the tassel to the thickness I wanted.
  2. Next, cut a tail a few inches long and wrap it around the top tine on the fork twice and tie it off.
  3. Take your needle and thread the tail through the top end of your tassel
  4. Pull it all the way through to prevent it from coming loose.

Once all of your tassels are finished, set them aside and it’s time to make your pillow cover.

PicMonkey Collage2

  1. Cut your pillow cover one inch larger than your pillow form to allow for ½” seam allowances. Mine finished pillow was 18”x18” so I cut 2- 19”x 19” pieces.
  2. Next cut the length of one of  your fabric pieces 4” from the top, so you will have one piece that is 4”x19” and one piece that is 15”x19”. This is where you will insert your zipper.
  3. Take one of your cut pieces and lay it right side up and place your zipper on top of it right side down. Pin it into place.
  4. Time to sew!! With your needle in the farthest left position sew as close to the zipper teeth as your machine will allow without sewing over it. Once done, repeat with your other piece of fabric.

Now that your zipper is in, it’s time to put your pillow cover together!

PicMonkey Collage3

  1. Place your zippered piece of fabric right side up, then lay your solid piece of fabric right side down on top of it. Pin together.
  2. Using ½” seam allowances, stitch all four sides together. Make sure your zipper is open before you stitch the last side so you will be able to turn your pillow right side out.
  3. Trim your four corners.
  4. Turn your pillow right side out. I used a knitting needle to push the corners out, be careful not to push so hard that you make a hole through your corner.

And your basic pillow cover is done!! All that is left is adding your tassels and your project will be complete!

PicMonkey Collage4

 You have two different options for adding your tassels, I used both on mine and they both worked out fine. You will need to measure out the space to between each tassel so they are equal distance from each other. My pillow cover was 18” on each side and I attached 10 tassels from corner to corner (18/10=1.8), so I attached each tassel just over a 1 ¾” from each other.

Option 1- Using the tail to attach the tassel:

PicMonkey Collage5

  1. Thread your needle with the tassel’s tail and insert the needle into the spot you want to attach your tassel (in the picture I am attaching a corner tassel).
  2. Pull your thread all the way through the inside of the pillow cover.
  3. Push your needle back through to the front just slightly offset from your original hole, so it comes out on the other side of the tassel.
  4. Next, thread your needle through the top of your tassel.
  5. And push it through to the inside of the pillow cover again.
  6. Make a knot to tie it off and you are done with one tassel. Continue with will method until all tassels are attached.

Option 2- Using a separate piece of thread to attach the tassel (you will need to trim all of your tassel tails for this method):

PicMonkey Collage6

  1. Take one piece of thread and pull it through from the inside of the pillow cover to the outside.
  2. Thread it through the top of your tassel and back through to the inside of your pillow cover.
  3. Make a knot to tie it off.
  4. Trim and you are done! Continue with all remaining tassels to complete your pillow cover.

PicMonkey Collage7

Once you’ve attached all of your tassels, insert your pillow form, admire your handiwork and enjoy your new pillow!