Recipe Roundup – Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day


By now you’ve probably gathered that I love Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to celebrate with my loved ones and it will be even more special this year since the arrival of our sweet Lincoln. To help make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet, I’ve rounded up some sweet treat ideas for you to make your Valentine.


No Bake Oreo Cheesescake Bars / Red Velvet Whoopie Pies / Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cream Puffs / Macarons /  The Best Sugar Cookies

Very Berry  Vanilla Cake Trifle / Vanilla Raspberry Cake Roll  / Valentine’s Day Popcorn


What are your favorite treats to make?

xoxo, Cassidi



Even though we are staying solid in the 90*’s most days here, our mornings have definitely cooled off and we are loving being able to open windows and doors while drinking some hot cocoa and enjoying the cool breeze, even if it is only for a short time.


So, when Brynlee asked to make homemade marshmallows the other day, I of course said yes! I mean what better topping for homemade hot chocolate than some homemade marshmallows.

I first made homemade marshmallows last Christmas and was surprised at how easy it was! It is a long process, but with very little work involved, most of it is just waiting for them to set.

I’ve been using this recipe, but am looking for a more all natural marshmallow recipe, if you have any suggestions/ recommendations please leave it in the comments below. These really do taste so much better than store bought marshmallows, I really don’t know that I could go back to store bought now that I’ve had these. And really with just a little pre-planning, making them ahead of time, you really don’t need to buy them.


In the recipe it suggests using a pizza cutter to cut your marshmallows, that’s what I did last time and it worked wonderfully. Since Brynlee was excited to make the marshmallows and like i said there really isn’t much prep work, I decided that she could cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter to make it a little more fun for her.


Since you will have some left over scraps from all your heart cutouts and you certainly do not want to waste an ounce of this sticky goodness you will head over to Christina’s blog and make her small batch rice crispy treats.


I didn’t add the pumpkin spice in this batch, but I most definitely will next time.


Just a little tip, when forming the log, place a piece of parchment paper on top of your treat too. This will keep the sticky mess to a minimum and makes it much easier to form your log.


This recipe really couldn’t be easier, the hardest part is waiting the 30 minutes for them to set before you can dig in!


Then enjoy your treat! Perhaps with a yummy marshmallow topped hot cocoa by your side.

xo, Cassidi