The Grace Dress


shoes (old from H&M, similar pair here)

Brynlee had her Spring picture day a few weeks ago, so I decided to make her a dress that could double as her Easter Dress. And with Easter just a few short weeks away, I thought now would be the perfect time to share it.

Violette Field Threads is one of my favorite pattern makers for girls, I have almost all of their patterns at this point and am slowly making my way through all of them. They recently came out with a stuffed doll line that I am dying to make, I think they would make the perfect gift, especially with all the outfits you can make to go with them!

For Brynlee’s Easter dress, I knew I wanted to make the Grace Dress. I love the scalloped edge option and thought it was the perfect feminine detail for Easter. The floral fabric I used to make it is from Hobby Lobby, it has sparkly gold accents that I love! To dress it up a bit for Easter, I decided to make the bottom of the dress from tulle, I used 4 layers of aqua tulle and one layer of aqua cotton for the lining.  It is perfectly puffy and makes a great twirling skirt, which Brynlee has absolutely taken advantage of!

This dress is a pretty quick and easy sew, just go slowly over the scallops to make sure they turn out perfect.

Happy Sewing!

xo, Cassidi


The Cutest Little Bunny…

Well… this has been a long time coming. I actually contemplated not even sharing this since I’m so late, but decided that I should just in case you wanted to make one for a little girl in you life because it is a big hit and let’s be real, isn’t that the cutest little bunny you ever did see?

This is actually what I made for Brynlee’s Easter basket, but thanks to total and pure utter exhaustion due to being pregnant and a toddler that has decided to forgo naps, I took a little blogging hiatus and never got around to sharing.


I’ve named her Bella.

I made Bella the bunny using a pattern from Purl Soho that I modified slightly to give her a thinner frame. Also, instead of using wool for the bunny, I used a linen from Joann’s and pink felt for the ears. The eyes are simple black buttons and a bright pink bunny nose I hand stitched with embroidery thread. Then using some fabric scraps I made a couple simple skirts with matching bows that I sewed a little loop of elastic to so they could easily slide over the Bella’s ear.

I’m looking forward to make a few more outfits for Bella when I get the chance.


To go with Bella the bunny and part of what makes this gift so darn cute, I made this adorable doll carrycot using a pattern I found on Sew Mama Sew.

Both the bunny and doll carrycot are pretty quick sews and can easily be made in an afternoon.


I also made a cute little patchwork quilt to go with the carrycot and to keep Bella nice and warm.


Both the hot pink gingham and floral fabric can be found at Hobby Lobby.


 I used large white ric rack at the borders and matching bias tape that I found at Joann’s to bind the doll quilt.


I used a dotted fabric for the backing that I got ages ago at Hobby Lobby, but saw it last time I was there a few weeks ago.


Does Bella the bunny look so cozy all tucked into her carrycot?


I’m pretty sure she loves it as much as I do!


I made Brynlee a matching Easter outfit (Lola from Violette Field Threads) so she and Bella could match. Brynlee loved being able to run around in this hunting for eggs on Easter instead of being in a fancy dress. I’m definitely glad I went this route this year!


And since this is what I made for Brynlee’s Easter basket, here is a shot of the other items I added. A bubble machine with extra bubble, lots of stickers and some coloring books and things.


Instead of getting yet another basket (we already have way too many in our household, basket hoarder party of one???), I decided to just use her carrycot to load everything into.


Brynlee was super excited to find this waiting for her Easter morning and loved going through it all. Bella is very happy in her new home and Brynlee thinks the carrycot is just the greatest to carry her dolls in, whether its Bella or one of her others.

Late or not, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made Brynlee for Easter. And really, Christmas is just around the corner (ALREADY?!?!?!) so if you have a little girl to gift to I’m sure they would love this!

As always, thank for reading!!!

xoxo, Cassidi

Easter Egg Fillers

What do you put in your Easter Eggs?

I, personally, am not a fan of filling Easter Eggs with candy for 2 reasons.

1. Brynlee definitely does not need to eat that much candy. Landon and I don’t really eat candy either so much like the Halloween candy does every year, it would just go to waste.

2. We live in AZ, and even this early in the year, it can be hot and candy melts pretty quickly. Nothing is worse than opening your eggs to a gooey chocolaty mess and I’d just rather not deal with it.

But hey, if you like putting candy in yours, that’s great! I just prefer not to and if you are like me and constantly looking for non-candy treats to fill you eggs with, I thought I’d share what I will be putting in Brynlee’s.


1. Stickers- Brynlee loves stickers! We go through thousands of them! I usually get them at the Dollar Store, then will cut the sheets up into a size that will fit in the eggs.

2. Stamps- I found these stamps in the Easter section and Walmart and they are the perfect size to fit in eggs.

3. Chapstick- Brynlee loves putting on chapstick and thanks to her love of Minnie Mouse, I know she will be over the moon for these.

4. I also head down the party favor isle while shopping for egg fillers, there is usually a plethora of smaller toys that fit perfectly inside the eggs and I found some bouncy balls and bracelets.

5. Brynlee is currently loving My Little Pony, so I picked up an Apple Jack figure, that will fit in one of the larger plastic eggs we have, as an extra special treat and I know she will be so excited to find her.

Not pictured, but a few other things that I will put in her eggs are some small jars of Play-Doh. I also got some Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks and I did picked up just a couple of the Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops, so she will have a tiny bit of candy to find.

And lastly, my family has always filled Easter Eggs with money, not a ton, just a few coins in each one and then usually there was a golden egg with a couple of dollars in it. I remember how fun it was to count how much money I’d “made” after we finished our egg hunt! So, to continue my family’s tradition, I will fill a few eggs with some coins, Brynlee has a piggy bank and she loves adding coins to it whenever she gets any. Actually, if we let her, she would spend all day filling it with coins, dumping it out and then refilling it. I’m not sure what she loves so much about it, but it definitely keeps her entertained.

Do you have any other non-edible egg filler ideas? I’d love to hear them!

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter and are able to spend it with your loved ones!

Our Easter


Our weekend was filled to the brim with Easter festivities and while we were super busy and it flew by, we had so much fun and seeing Brynlee’s joy over the holiday just added to it!


We had our first Easter celebration on Saturday at my mom’s house. Brynlee had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs, although I think she was a little overwhelmed by everyone excitedly telling her to come this way or that to get an egg.


She would open up every egg before she would put it in her basket.


On my side of the family there are only 3 little ones, one of which is only 8 months old, so it was just Brynlee and my sister’s daughter hunting for eggs.


After the little kid hunt, we sent the bigger cousins out on a hunt of their own while the two little girls went through their baskets to see what they got.


In my family we don’t put candy in the eggs, usually we just put money, mostly coins with a few golden or silver eggs that has anywhere from $3-$5 in it. For the girls we filled some with coins for their piggy banks, put some Annie’s cheddar crackers in a few so they would have something to snack on as they opened their eggs and the rest were filled with little prizes, cars, hair accessories, socks, stickers, jewelry.

Once the big kids were done we had a big lunch, spent some time outside flying kites, letting the kids play in the water and playing horse shoes, then we headed home around 3:00pm hoping that Brynlee would sleep the whole way since she hadn’t had a nap yet. No such luck, she only slept for about 30 minutes, but was surprisingly good the rest of the time.


The next morning, when Brynlee got up, we had her Easter basket sitting out for her to find when she came downstairs. The second she saw it she got all excited and started squealing and saying “oh, oh, oh” while pointing at it. We couldn’t get downstairs fast enough!



We let her sort through her basket and play with her new things while we waited for it to warm up a bit before heading outside for her second egg hunt of the weekend.


Easter Basket/Bag- I made (click here for the tutorial), watering can, truck, garden shovel and rake are all from Target (sorry, I couldn’t find a link), Mickey Activity book- Joann, Mickey puzzle- dollar store, Poster Crayons, Straw cup, Bunny Loves to Play, You Are My I Love You, Sprout Pouches.


For the tutorial on how to make Brynlee’s Easter Bunny shirt click here.





She had so much fun hunting for eggs at home, you could tell she was a lot more comfortable in our backyard looking for them than when we were at my moms. Landon and I barely needed to help her and she really got into searching for them and would get so excited when she found one. Once again, she had to open each egg and dump the contents into her basket before she would move on to find another one.




Lola just chilled in the backyard while she waiting for Brynlee to finish.


When we came back inside Brynlee might have had more fun putting all of her coins in her piggy bank than she did searching for eggs.


Later that afternoon headed out to Landon’s Aunt’s house to have an Easter celebration with his family. We had lunch then did another egg hunt and even had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny himself!


Landon has a lot of cousins, so this egg hunt was huge!! But since it was Brynlee’s third one of the weekend, it seemed she had gotten the hang of it and knew what to do. She confidently ran around finding eggs and wouldn’t pay attention to Landon or I when we tried to show her one. Nope, she wanted to find them herself!


After our experience this year with Santa, I was a little nervous about how she would react to seeing the Easter bunny, but she loved him!! She kept following him around and cried when he left. Luckily it was easy to distract her by sorting through her basket of eggs.


Most of the eggs were filled with candy, Brynlee has never had candy before and I don’t think she knew that any of it was actually edible. She would just pick up the jelly beans and candy eggs and look at them, we think she thought they were just pretty rocks or something.


I made Brynlee’s Easter dress this year by using Dana’s First Day Dress pattern. I found the polka dot polyester fabric at Joann’s and just lined it with white cotton. Then I sewed lace to the bottom hem of the lining so it would peek out of the bottom of the dress. I love how it turned out! I was a little nervous, as it was my first time sewing with polyester, but it all worked out in the end and I couldn’t have been happier with her dress!


Once again, we left around 3:00 and Brynlee did not fall asleep on the way home. Let me tell you, 2 days in a row of hardly any naps does not make for a fun time by then end of day 2, not to mention she had a rough night Sunday night and woke up at 4am and would not go back to sleep. We had such a fun filled weekend, but I am ready to get this little girl back on her schedule and back to sleeping again, this mama NEEDS that to happen! Lol!

I hope you all had an amazing Easter as well!

Easter Bunny Embellished Tank Top with Ruffles (the cheater way)

We will be having two Easter’s this year, Saturday we will celebrate Easter with my family up in Prescott, then on Sunday  we will be with Landon’s family here in Phoenix. I decided to make Brynlee’s Easter dress this year (I will be sharing the details of that soon), but I also wanted to make her something to hunt Easter eggs in that might be more comfortable than a dress and something that I wouldn’t mind if she got dirty.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it since I obviously procrastinated (I just finished it last night), so I knew I it had to be quick and easy. I decided to use an existing tank top and just embellish it with a bunny silhouette and a ruffle on the bottom. For all my non-sewing friends out there, the bunny is no sew, so you could easily do this too!


Tank Top or shirt (for reference, the tank top I’m using is 2T)

Heat ‘N’ Bond

Two coordinating fabrics (I used two fat quarters from Joann’s, but you will need to adjust your fabric amount accordingly depending on the size of shirt you are using and the size of your silhouette)

White Pom Pom

Thread to adhere pom pom bunny tail (I used embroidery thread)

I found a plain white tank top at Old Navy for $6, then I came home and started searching Pinterest for a bunny outline I liked, sadly I couldn’t find one that was just what I had in mind and that was the right size of for my tank top, so I ended up just drawing my own and while it’s not perfect, I am quite happy with it!


Because I was so short on time and didn’t want to deal with sewing the silhouette on, I decided to use Heat ‘N’ Bond, this was my first time using it, which was made obvious when I didn’t read all of the directions and ended up ruining my ironing board cover by permanently ironing on adhesive to it… But let my mistake make it easier for you! So, I will tell you how it is supposed to be done, but my pictures will show you how I actually did it. Oh and I found it at Joann’s for around $3, it comes in a yard so there is plenty left over for other projects too!

First you will want to cut a piece of Heat ‘N’ Bond just big enough for your silhouette, in my case, the bunny. Then you will want to iron it onto the wrong side of your fabric, following the package instructions (I cut my silhouette out first then ironed on the Heat ‘N’ Bond, hence the sticky mess all over my ironing board cover). Once it’s cooled you can cut out your silhouette.


Next, carefully peel back the paper and center your silhouette on your tank top. Following the Heat ‘N’ Bond package instructions, iron it in place. I held my iron still in each place for 8-9 seconds, there were a few places that I had to read apply the heat for a few more seconds, but after that everything adhered really well. The type of Heat ‘N’ Bond I used said that it is machine washable and that you should not sew over the top of it, but if you felt more comfortable reinforcing your silhouette by stitching it on afterwards, there is a Heat ‘N’ Bond for just that purpose, just make sure to read the packaging so you get the correct one.


Once my silhouette had cooled, I attached a 1 inch white pom pom for the bunny tail. I used embroidery thread to sew it on, I know Brynlee is going to tug on that bunny tail like crazy and I wanted to make sure it stayed put!


For the ruffle, from my polka dot fabric I cut two rectangles measuring 3”x18” and from the chevron fabric I cut two rectangles measuring 5”x18”. The bottom of my tank top measured approx.. 11”, I wanted some ruffle, but not for it to be overwhelming and bulky so I added 7” to account for ruffling which is how I came to 18”. Again, this is for a size 2T tank top, if you are making a smaller or larger tank top you will need to adjust the length of your rectangles.

With right sides together, sew both short edges together on each of your rectangles, I used a ¼” seam allowance.


Iron your seams open.


Fold them in half, wrong side together and iron.



Matching your side seams, pin your two fabrics together and sew, again using a ¼” seam allowance.

B11 B12

At this point, I used my serger to serge the edges of my fabrics together, this is not necessary, if you don’t have a serger you can either zig zag stitch the ends or just leave it alone.


Now you need to pin your fabric to your tank top and this is where the cheater ruffling comes in. I decided to do it this way instead of ruffling my fabric on my sewing machine so I would have complete control over my ruffles and would be able to make sure my side seams matched up. FYI- this method uses a lot of pins, but is totally worth it!

First you will want to match up your side seams and pin, then to make sure your ruffles are even you will want to place your next pin by matching up the middle of your fabric to the middle of your tank top.


You will continue pining by matching up the middle of each gap until your tank top is full of pins and you are satisfied with the placement of the ruffles.


To hide my thread line, I stitched directly over the bottom hemline’s thread, to do this, go very SLOWLY!!! I am not usually one to take my time, but if you want your stitch camouflaged, this is a must! There were a few times where I got impatient and started to sew quicker and you can see where I veered from the hemline’s thread, it’s not extremely noticeable, but it will happen. Also, make sure you do a quality check when you are done sewing to make sure your ruffle is secure.


Once you are done stitching iron it all flat and you are done!!!


This was an incredibly simple tank top to make and I love how it turned out. The Heat ‘N’ Bond makes it so easy and the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to embellish more shirts for other holidays, or maybe a birthday party, or even just because, if I find a cute design or something…

Happy embellishing!

Brynlee’s Easter Basket

I was so excited to be able to pick things out for Brynlee’s Easter basket and had so much fun shopping for everything. Even though I know that she will not have any idea what is going on this year, I still can’t wait to give it to her! I found the majority of the items I purchased at Target, but also got a few on Amazon.


*Clockwise from left

  1. Peekaboo Sophie– When we were walking through Target, I picked this up and started showing it to Brynlee, she immediately started laughing and smiling and I knew it had to go into the basket.
  2. B. Blocks– I like these because they are small enough for Brynlee to pick up and play with plus she can chew on them. Right now Brynlee has a ton of teeth coming in and tries to chew on anything and everything so I think she will really like these.
  3. Indestructibles Books: Mama and Baby and Flutter Fly–  Brynlee is exceptionally hard on her books, I’ve heard that these are great to let them play with and are virtually impossible to destroy so I’m hoping these will be a good alternative for her.
  4. Sun hat- Living in Arizona we need a lot of protection from the sun, I was looking everywhere trying to find a hat that fit Brynlee’s head, they were all too big. Then I finally found this one at Target, it has elastic around it so it fits well, but will grow with her throughout the summer.
  5. Outfit– Also from Target, this was just too cute of a summer outfit to pass up!
  6. Sunglasses- Just like with the hat, I wanted to find Brynlee some sunglasses to protect her eyes when we are on walks or at the pool. She hates it when the sun gets in her face!
  7. Easter basket- was a Target find, I think it was only $1 or $2 which is great in my book!
  8. Happy Baby Organic Fruit and Veggie Pouches– I usually always make Brynlee’s baby food, but sometimes when we are out for the day or on a trip we have to use these as an alternative, so I guess they are really more for my convenience than a gift for Brynlee, but she really enjoys them!


Instead of using grass (I know that would end up in her mouth immediately!!!!) I used some of the B. blocks.


I really can’t wait for her to find her Easter basket come Easter morning, I know that it will just get better and better from here on out, especially once she starts to understand it. We will be spending Easter with my husband’s family this year. Everyone gets together at his Aunt’s house and we have Easter dinner potluck style. Then there is a giant egg hunt for all of the kids and the Easter Bunny even makes an appearance!