Lincoln’s Three Month Update

I am well aware that this is far past due, I mean Lincoln turned 3 months old way back in February. However, I still want to catch up and post his monthly updates so I can look back on them in the future like I do for Brynlee’s.


Lincoln is still proving to be such a wonderful, happy baby! We just adore him and his little personality and I really can’t wait to see how it develops as he grows. I can already tell that he is going to be happy, kind and fun loving.


Health: We have been so fortunate that Lincoln has been so healthy these last few months. Having a baby during cold and flu season can be a little worrisome, especially when you have an older sibling that is in school, bringing home who knows how many germs and doesn’t necessarily follow the “always wash your hands before you touch the baby” rule. Plus, I think we are still a little scarred from how sick Brynlee always was, so this has been a pleasant surprise for us this go around. We will find out his exact weight at his 4 month check up next month, but right now, if I had to guess, I would say he is probably around 11-12 lbs or so.


Sleep: Oh my sweet baby Lincoln, you are a wonderful sleeper, bless you! I usually put him down around 8:30-9 and he sleeps through most nights, until 5-5:30, when he does wake in the night it is usually only once for a quick feeding, then right back to bed. I am so, so thankful for this! I don’t know how I would manage wrangling a toddler all day on severe lack of sleep. He still isn’t a great napper when not in his car seat or being worn in the baby carrier, but to be honest, I really don’t mind having him sleep on me while carrying him. I am still able to get quite a few things done while keeping my baby close and I just love that!


Social: Lincoln is a very social baby! He loves when anyone will pay him attention and reward them with endless smiles, giggles and coos. I will never tire of hearing his giggles! Big Sis can get the most out of him with Daddy coming in at a close second.


Diet: Lincoln is still exclusively nursing and it has been going really well for us. I still pump here and there for a reserve, but not on any real schedule. I’ve found it hard to find the time in between his nursing sessions and all the running around I have to do for Brynlee. So I just try to squeeze in a quick pumping session whenever I find myself with a spare 10-15 minutes. I do use this hands free pumping bra to make it a little easier on myself. And he still will not take a pacifier. I’m sure I will be grateful for this when he is older and I’m not having to deal with weaning him from it, but there are times when I just really wish he would take one if you know what I mean…


Clothes: I have finally went ahead and switched out all of his newborn clothes for 0-3 months. I always find the switching out of sizes to be bittersweet. I am so, so thankful for a healthy, growing baby, but as I pack away those tiny clothes I can’t help but feel a bit said that my baby will never be that small again. I know all you other moms out there know exactly what I’m talking about.


Crying: Lincoln is such a sweet baby and really doesn’t cry much at all. As long as his needs are met, he is fed, has a clean diaper and is being held (yes, to him that is a need), he is a pretty content baby. When he does cry, it’s more of a whimper and at a far lower volume than we were previously used to (ahem, Brynlee, ahem… we love you, but you were a loud cryer).


Likes: Baby boy loves his mama! Lincoln is such a mama’s boy and I absolutely love it!! He also adores his sister and loves when she pays attention to him. I received this lovey blanket as a baby shower gift and Lincoln has really taken to it. He loves to cuddle it in his car seat. He is very curious and likes to be held up and able to survey his surroundings and he loves our dog Lola!


Milestones: He is becoming more interested in things and really observing what’s going on around him. He is getting better at tummy time, but still doesn’t really enjoy it for more than a few minutes. He tries to grab at toys and things, but still has pretty wonky hand eye coordination, so while it’s sheer luck when he is able to grab an object, it’s still pretty fun to watch him try. I love this stage and all the learning and growing that is happening… I just wouldn’t mind if it happened at a little slower rate #saideverymomever #butitsnolesstrue


Sweet Lincoln, we love you so much. You have been the perfect little addition to our family and watching you grow and your little personality come to life is one of our life’s greatest joys. Love you baby!


xoxo, Mama


We’ve been keeping a little secret…

We are super excited to share our big news!!

Baby #2 is on the way!


I started this blog when Brynlee was a couple of months old and never really shared much about my pregnancy with her or her birth story (which I really need to do). With Brynlee I had severe preeclampsia that ended in an emergency c-section a month before she was due. Fortunately, both of us were perfectly fine once she was out, but let’s just say the experience made us a little more cautious about this pregnancy and deciding when it was time to grow our family.


As a result of the complications with my first pregnancy, my doctors have been super vigilant this go around, I’ve had additional tests (not so fun), extra appointments and have been to see the high risk doctor a couple of times. And while I really hope we don’t run into any issues this pregnancy, I am so glad that they are keeping an extra close watch on me so if something does go awry, it will be caught early on. The good news is so far everything is going great! I’m not retaining water like I did previously and all of my tests and blood pressure results have been good. An added bonus of being so closely monitor is that I get to have a few extra ultrasounds, so we got to find out the baby’s gender early!


We are having a BOY!!!!

We are all so excited!!! I got to find out when I was about 15 weeks along at my first high risk doctor appointment. Unfortunately, I didn’t know I would be getting an ultrasound at that time, so Landon wasn’t there. Instead, I asked the ultrasound tech if she would please write it down and seal it in an envelope so I could wait until Landon got home from work and we could find out together. You guys, this was such a fun way to find out! Yes, it was hard keeping that envelope in my purse for the few hours until Landon got home, but that just added to the anticipation of finding out. And it was such a sweet and special moment to find out with just the three of us in the privacy of our own home as opposed to at the doctor’s office. I made Landon and Brynlee guess what they thought it was, Landon thought girl, but Brynlee guessed right and said boy. She is getting really excited about being a big sister. She asks about baby brother a lot and sometimes tells me about the toys she will share with him and the toys she won’t share (her Paw Patrols). She is going to make the best big sister!


I’m due Christmas Day, but I will most likely have another c-section, so he will probably come about a week early.

In the meantime, we are having a lot of fun preparing for all things boy! We just ordered the nursery furniture over the weekend and I am just dying over the cuteness of all the boy clothes!! The Cat and Jack infant line at Target has me all heart eyes over it. Seriously, I want it all! And I’ve already pinned about a million ideas for nursery decor and I can’t wait to share what we come up with.

So tell me boy mama’s, what can I expect this go around?

Throwback Thursday- Halloween 2014 Recap

Remember that time I quite blogging for a month and missed some pretty important stuff… Oh wait, that just happened. Well, in honor of TBT, I thought I would recap our Halloween and share the cutest little Minnie Mouse there ever was (okay, I might be a LITTLE biased).

First, let’s talk about Brynlee’s Halloween costume. I made her Bee costume last year and had so much fun that I decided early on I wanted to make her costume this year too. After realizing her love for Mickey Mouse, we decided that the only appropriate thing for her to go as would be Minnie Mouse so she could take her Mickey with her. Now, I have to admit that this was my very first attempt at making clothing, so to say I was a little nervous is an understatement. But it really wasn’t that hard. I started with a pattern and made a few alterations myself.


I found this McCall’s pattern M5791 and used the bodice from dress E and added the collar from dress A.


I wanted a fuller skirt that what this McCall’s pattern offered, so I made my own pattern for a circle skirt to add to it.


I thought the puff sleeves were going to give me a lot of trouble, that’s what has always stopped me from taking the jump into sewing garments before, but once I figured it out, the second arm was really easy and I don’t think I will have a problem sewing sleeves in the future.


Once I finished sewing everything together, I went back over all of the seams with my serger to make sure there weren’t any rough parts that would irritate Brynlee.


I love how it all came together and the ears I found at the Disney store match perfectly!


I tried it on Brynlee a few times before Halloween in hopes that she would be used to it by Halloween, but that didn’t work. Let’s just say Brynlee was less than enthused about being Minnie, she did not want to carry Mickey and she absolutely would not ride in the red wagon to go Trick or Treating… I tried getting some pictures of her in her costume, but these were the best I got. Oh and even though I had been putting those ears on her every day leading up to Halloween and it seemed like she loved them, on the actual day she wanted nothing to do with them.




*Trying to eat a lemon off of our tree


*”What do you mean I can’t eat the lemon???”


*How cute are those shoes!!! They are actually Aurora shoes from the Disney Store, but I thought they matched better than the Minnie ones.


My Mom, her husband, by sister and my niece all joined us for Trick or Treating and it was a lot of fun. Even though the girls wanted to be carried the whole time, about half way through they started enjoying themselves.


*This is the only picture we got the entire night that all three of us were looking at the camera and all eyes were open…

Once we got home, the girls were so excited to dig through their Trick or Treating booty. It was really cute to watch them, we really didn’t want Brynlee eating any of it so it wasn’t too long before we had to take it away.



Oh and the day before Halloween, Landon and I carved pumpkins once Brynlee went to bed.


*I just had to do a Mickey in honor of Brynlee’s costume

I did let her paint her pumpkin a few days before though.



*She was very excited about her pumpkin! #lolaphotobomb

When Life Gives You Lemons…

This weekend started out fantastic, a trip to the park with Brynlee, since the weather is finally cooling down. Then an afternoon rainstorm, well, actually it looked like a hurricane in my backyard, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. And then Sunday happened and everything went downhill.


*When I first put Brynlee in her red wagon, she wanted nothing to do with it and started crying to get out. Then we started moving and she was all smiles from then on out. I foresee many wagon rides in our future.


*Of course she had to pick the flowers.

When we made the decision for me to quit my job to stay home full time with Brynlee, we both knew that sacrifices would have to be made. Going from two incomes to one is not an easy adjustment, we gave up a lot of luxuries we were used to and had to switch our frame of thinking from want-based to need-based. During all of this, I never really felt that I was actually sacrificing, I mean, the outcome was me being able to stay home with my little girl and that outweighed any cost.


*There was a lot of playing in the sand.

Of course, we haven’t been able to take vacations like we used to, we rarely go out to eat anymore and I’ve had to learn to say no to things, whereas, previously I always answered yes. But those have all been good for us too. We get to spend a lot of time together as a family and it’s forced us to think outside of the box for entertainment. We eat healthier now that we aren’t always going out to eat and it’s fun to spend a little extra time making something special for dinner.


*She had a lot of fun collecting rocks.


*And playing in the puddles.

This weekend though, what it means to truly sacrifice really hit me hard! Yes, we’ve given up a lot of things already, but it seemed easier because I hadn’t truly cared/wanted/needed them. Yesterday though, I had to tell a very dear friend, one who has always been there for me, that I wouldn’t be able to make it to her vow renewal in a couple of months because we just couldn’t afford the trip. And wow, did that feel awful!!! Even after I told her, I still kept trying to think of ways that I could save a little here or there to be able to make it and then the hammer dropped. I am not even kidding, a few hours later, Landon opened the freezer to get some ice and it was all melted!!! Along with all the lemon juice I froze from the lemons on our tree last year (hence the title of this post, I had to make lemonade with it), a lot of stuff was already thawed out and some things were even completely ruined. Thankfully the bright side of this story is that we have a chest freezer in our garage that we could move anything salvageable to. We thought that the fridge was still working, but soon realized that was done too. This basically sealed the deal for me not being able to attend my friend’s vow renewal, any last hope I had of finding the money somewhere was shattered by the knowledge that we would now have to dish out the moolah on a new refrigerator.

There are a lot of up sides to this turn of events that I am thankful for. I have never been so grateful that Landon brews his own beer, as a result we have another, smaller chest freezer that we were able to set at a fridge like temperature to house all of our refrigerator items. And we were thankfully around to notice that our fridge stopped working, instead of being out of town or something and losing all of our food. Plus we got some delicious lemonade out of the deal to drink while we were working to save all of our food.


I guess the point to me sharing all of this is that through all of our experiences this weekend and all of the sacrificing that we will need to make in the near future in order to pay for a new fridge, we still have so much to be thankful for. How easy it is to forget that and to wallow in our own despair of everything that is not going right in our lives right now, or at least not “our” version of right anyway. A few years ago, that would have been me, but having Brynlee has changed my perspective on so many things. She is what I am the most thankful for and at the end of the day, all that matters is that our little family is together and healthy and everything else will work itself out. So, when life gives you lemons, even though sometimes it is really hard, we should all still try to make lemonade!

On a side note, we are currently shopping for a new refrigerator, so if you have any recommendations or know of any great deals going on please share!


Brynlee’s First Birthday

                           Since yesterday I shared Brynlee’s one year photo shoot, I figured today would be a good time to share her first birthday details. Can you believe that last night was the first time I actually had a chance to look through all of her birthday pictures? I feel like this summer has been a whirlwind and I am grateful that it is finally slowing down for us and we have a couple weekends at home.


We decided to throw Brynlee’s birthday in Prescott, or rather Chino Valley, since Landon’s parents were gracious enough to offer up their home. A lot of our friends and most of our family lives there so it just made sense to have it there.


*Brynlee with her cousin Malorie, Grandma (my mom) and Great Grandpa playing in the tee pee I made her for her birthday present*

I will be the first to admit that I may have gone a little overboard in the planning of this party… Actually a few things got left out because we just didn’t have time and the party still ended up being a lot of fun. Plus, I’m willing to bet that no one even noticed the things that were omitted, so I guess it was lessoned learned for next time- don’t go overboard!


*Brynlee with Grandma and Grandpa*

The plan was to keep the food pretty low key so that we wouldn’t have to do a whole lot the day of the party, but somehow it seemed like we were still rushing around in the kitchen trying to get everything ready for the noon deadline of everyone showing up. For the main dish, we just BBQ’d hamburgers and hot dogs, then had a few different sides and appetizers to choose from. For the kids, we made chicken nuggets and french fries.






I thought about making the cupcakes myself, but decided to just order them from Safeway instead to make it easier on myself and I am so glad I did!! I don’t know how I would have found the time to make them. I did add the little candy bees on the flowers, a friend of mine found them at a local party store and snatched them up for me because she knew I was having a hard time finding bee related party décor.


As for the rest of the décor, I ordered this party pack off of Etsy and printed what I wanted from it at Staples.

I know this is a really bad picture, the lighting was horrible with the sun coming through that window, I really couldn’t do any better. But this is my 52 Weeks of Brynlee wall where I showcased all 52 weekly pictures I took of Brynlee throughout her first year. I have to be honest, there were times throughout the year that it got a little difficult to continue this project and I wondered if I even should. Well I am so glad I did because it was a huge hit and finally seeing them all together up on that wall made it all worth it! I just used clothes pins I covered in gold glitter to hang them on twine and I made the 52 Weeks of Brynlee banner from the party pack I mentioned above.


The plan for the party was to have the food inside and the rest of the festivities outside. We set up shade canopies and picnic tables for everyone to sit at. It was a beautiful day, but a little on the windy side. Not so much that it bothered anyone outside, but enough that it wreaked havoc on all of my outdoor decorations.





*For the drinks we had lemonade (in the blue mason jar beverage dispenser) and fruit punch in the other dispenser and water bottles and Capri Suns were in the beverage tub. I had mason jars with daisy lids and paper straws for the drinks or the paper cups for the kids*


*This table housed the party favors in the clear plastic bags, the sign read- 

These are a few of my Favorite things:

Ball- one of my favorite things to play with!

Bubbles- so fun to chase!

Necklace- girl loves her accessories!

Please take one!

Thank you
for coming
to my
“Bee” Day!!

In addition to the favors there were bubbles, coloring sheets and crayons, party hats, snacks- pretzels and animal crackers and note cards with a sign asking people to contribute to a time capsule we made for Brynlee*

In addition to the swing set my in-laws already have in their backyard, my mother in law was kind enough to rent a bounce house for additional entertainment for all of the kiddos. They had a blast and even Brynlee got in on the action thanks to Daddy.



When it came time for Brynlee’s smash cake she was more interested in a little green ring she had been playing with and insisted on bringing it with her. It took her a while to really get into the whole “smash” thing, but once she realized that it was okay, she really went for it. She didn’t eat much of the cake though, I think she only had 2 bites, but she had a lot of fun smashing all over her highchair and smearing it all in her hair (which was horrible to try to get out!! The frosting was so oily it took multiple washes for it to finally get clean).


*I purchased the “one” candle off of Etsy and it was perfect!! I loved how it turned out.*


*The only picture we got of Brynlee in her party hat, with her Aunt.*


*Notice the green ring?*




Then it was on to the Bee Piñata! I am so glad I made the effort to make this pull string piñata (I will post a tutorial on how I made it next week). Everyone loved it and when the kids all pulled the ribbon and the treats fell out they loved it!! I filled it with a variety pack of Teddy Grahams and fruit snacks.



Just as things were starting to wind down Brynlee opened her presents and even Lola got in on some of the action!


*Lola photo bomb*

I am so glad we were able to celebrate our little girl with all of our nearest and dearest. She has been such a blessing in our lives and I am just so grateful for her. Thank you to everyone who was able to come to her party, she is so lucky to have such amazing people in her life!


Our 4th of July!

We had such a busy and fun 4th of July this year spent with family and friends! This was in drastic contrast to last year, we had just brought Brynlee home from the hospital the week before and I was still recovering from the c-section. I remember being exhausted and cussing all the people in our neighborhood that were lighting off fireworks all night long because I had a newborn and I just wanted her to sleep!


Anyway, we kicked off the weekend by heading to the lake on Thursday with my family (well, Brynlee and I headed to the lake, unfortunately, Landon had to work). It was Brynlee’s first lake trip and she had so much fun!!! She loves being in the water and thought that splashing around in the lake was the best! She didn’t even mind her life jacket being on. And she loved being on the boat. Every time we would go for a ride, she would stick her face up into the wind and look out over the edge of the boat. That was until the rocking of the boat eventually lulled her into her midmorning nap. We spent most of the day playing under a shade tent that we had set up for the kids and eating snacks. Although I was able to get in a little wakeboarding, which was so much fun! It has been a few years since I was last able to and I’m not going to lie… I was a little worried about my ability to get up. Luckily I had nothing to worry about and it came right back to me, but after a few times I could definitely tell that I am out of shape! I will need to do something about that before our next lake trip!





After the day spent at the lake, we all headed up north to my in-laws house. I ended up going to bed early, worn out from the day at the lake. Friday morning we all got up early, got the kids dressed and head to Downtown Prescott where we entered the kids in the kiddie parade. We were running a little late, so our wagon decorating was extremely rushed, but the kids had fun, for the most part, there may have been a few melt downs… The kiddie parade was a lot bigger than we expected it to be and we’ve already decided that we will be doing things differently next year. Once the parade was over we stayed at the square for a little while, they hold a craft fair there every year so we wanted to look around at the booths. We weren’t able to look for too long though, Brynlee started fussing, she was tired and in need of a nap, plus it started sprinkling on us so we decided it was a good time to head back to my in-laws house.






A few Father’s Day’s ago my father in law got a smoker that he had yet to use, so since the entire family was in town we decided it was a good time to break it in. We (and by we I mean my father in law and brother in law) smoked ribs and a chicken and it was delish!!! I love when we are able to get the whole family together! We made sure to document all the cousins being together by doing a little photo shoot in the backyard. Somehow we managed to forget to take one of the whole family… guess we will have to get that next time! Isn’t it interesting how once you have kids you are always so focused on taking pictures of them that you sometimes forget to get pictures of everyone else, or is that just me?? I did get a couple of me, Landon and Brynlee, but I would have really liked to get one of all of us (I’m working on my gallery wall, remember?).



After a fabulous dinner and an early bedtime for a very exhausted Brynlee, we hung out on the back porch and enjoyed the wonderful weather of northern Arizona (is it sad that I am already so ready for summer to be over??? This 115* is killing me!!!). It was such a great ending to an amazing 4th of July! We were even able to see the fireworks from their porch. Of course, we stayed up way too late talking and catching up with all the going ons of the family. I always love being able to do that. I feel like too often we get too busy with our lives and before we know it it’s been a couple of weeks or even a month since the last time we talked.

The next morning we had a lazy start and slept in as long as Brynlee would allow. Around mid-morning we packed up and headed out to my mom’s house to have a family BBQ with my side of the family. This was a special occasion because brother was here with his family visiting from Missouri. We only get to see them every couple of years so it was nice to be able to spend some quality time with them before we had to head home. My mom was super excited to have all of her Grandkids together for the first time and so we had another photo shoot at her house. Unfortunately, due to lots of tired kiddos and the photos being taken when naptime was supposed to be it was not the easiest task. However, we got it done and we even remembered to get a picture of the whole family this time. We took the pictures on my mom’s camera, so I don’t have them yet (mom, if you are reading this, please email me those pics).

After a yummy BBQ and good times with family, we put a sleepy Brynlee in the car and headed home with hopes that she would sleep most of the way. We decided to go home on Saturday instead of waiting until Sunday to avoid some of the traffic. However, it really didn’t matter, about 30 minutes into our drive we came to a dead stop. After a little bit of googling we found out the due to an accident the highway was closed down with no estimated time of reopening. After sitting for a while, things finally started moving again, only to realize we were being forced to exit and head back to Prescott. After a little debate on what we should do, stay in Prescott or take one of the other, longer ways home, we decided that we just wanted to get home. This was about the time that Brynlee woke up so we made a stop for gas, to change Brynlee and to feed her dinner. Then we were off on a roundabout way back to Gilbert. Our little detour added about 4 hours on to our trip and we had to make a couple of stops for Brynlee, but for the most part she did really well. We decided that it was a good test run for our Montana trip later this month and took a few lessons learned from the experience.

We finished off the weekend by a relaxing Sunday spent at home recouping from our busy weekend and our eventful trip home. As much fun as I had this weekend, I was so happy to be home. Brynlee had some rough nights while we were gone, waking up a few times and not wanting to go back to bed, but Saturday night, as soon as we got home, she went to sleep in her crib and slept through the night and has continued to since we got home.

We had such an amazing long weekend, I loved spending so much time with our families. I wish we could do that more often. I am so thankful to all of the men, women and families that have made so many sacrifices for our freedom allowing us to have weekends like this. I hope you all had amazing weekends too! Happy belated 4th of July!