DIY Pom Pom Apple Garland

We have Meet the Teacher today at Brynlee’s Pre-School. I can’t believe how quickly summer passed by and now my baby girl is starting Pre-K on Thursday!


Since school starts for us this week, I thought I’d share this fun little DIY that Brynlee and I made a couple of weeks ago to decorate for Back to School. Brynlee loves when we decorate the house for different holidays or celebrations, so I’m really making more of an effort to do more decorating outside of the Christmas season. We made this garland with things already in my craft closet and Brynlee had so much fun learning how to make pom poms.


I bought these pom pom makers a couple of years ago and they really make making pom pom so much easier! Even Brynlee got the hang of it after a few tries and now wants to make ALL. THE. POM POMS.

My finished garland is 6 feet and I spaced my apples every 6 inches so I made 11 pom pom total. Make sure to leave your tails long so you can attached your apples to your garland string.


Once my poms were all made, I grabbed some green felt, cut it in strips, then cut out leaf shapes. I just free handed it and really like that no two leaves are the same.


I made 22 leaves total, 2 for each apple.

(There are only 20 pictured here because I had to go back and make one more apple once I decided on my spacing)


I used hot glue to attach my leaves to each apple.



I wanted my garland string to be a little thicker than regular yarn and I love the rustic feel this jute twine adds to the garland.


Using the tails of my pom poms, I measured my spacing and tied on each apple, clipping the tails after.


I love how this cute little DIY turned out, especially since it was kid-friendly! Brynlee loves to craft and was so excited to be able to help with this project.


After we hung it, Brynlee asked if we were going to have an apple party. She’s still not quite sure what apples have to do with school starting, but its still a fun little addition to our home decor. I also found a lighted apple garland in the Target dollar bins and I think some DIY vintage inspired flash cards might be next on our to-do list.

Do you decorate for school? Let me know if you make a Pom Pom Apple Garland (tag me on Instagram @blissfullymadeblog #blissfullymadeblog)

Happy Crafting!!

xo, Cassidi


New Product Announcement- The Pom Pom Garland

When I first started thinking about the Blissfully Made Shop and what I wanted to do with it, I envisioned including 3 separate “shops” within it. I wanted to create things for us mamas, our littles and our homes, all of the things I am passionate about. While it’s taken me a little while to find something that I truly loved to add to the home section of the Blissfully Made Shop, I’ve finally done it! And I couldn’t be happier with the result. The best part, it’s coming just in time for the holidays!



This gorgeous, 6 foot long garland, is made out of beautiful cream colored yarn with gold accents. I can’t even express how this garland cozies up a space. I hand make each pom pom before attaching it to a braided line of the same yarn.



String a few of these together to add a lovely, rustic feel to your tree, or do like I did and add it to a stair rail.


This charming garland will extend far past the holidays, you can use it as party décor, for texture on a gallery wall or even as a table runner or centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!



Not the color or length you are looking for? Just let me know! While I plan on adding additional colors to the shop soon, if you need something in time for the holidays just ask, I love taking custom orders. You can message me on Facebook, leave a comment here or email me at

These garlands have been added to the Blissfully Made Shop on Etsy, so hurry on over and get yours today!

Happy Holidays!!!